Apple Seems Set To Blow It, Again, With The iPhone SE2

Leaks about the iPhone SE2 continue to be released… and they’re not very good.

The iPhone SE was never really meant to be a device that blows the competition away. Sure, it had the powerful internals of the iPhone 6S in the frame of an iPhone 5, but apart from that, practically everything about the device gives the impression that Apple never really worked hard in ensuring that its 4-inch handset had the same, or even similar, effect as its more expensive siblings in the flagship iPhone series.

When the first iPhone SE was released back in 2016, many users and reviewers lamented the fact that Apple literally took the body of the 2012-era iPhone 5 and stuck in the internals of the iPhone 6S. That’s pretty impressive in terms of how Apple fit most of the processing power of the larger, more robust iPhone 6S in a small frame, but design-wise, the device was undoubtedly underwhelming. It was very difficult to get excited, after all, about a device that looks at least 4-years-old then.

As noted in a Forbes report, however, the upcoming and highly rumored iPhone SE2 will feature the exact same body as the 2012-era iPhone 5 and the 2016-made iPhone SE. This means that for all intents and purposes, there is a good chance that Apple will release a smartphone in 2018 with a 6-year-old design — save for a glass back, which is ironic since the iPhone 5 was the successor to the glass-backed iPhone 4S from 2011, as noted in a GSM Arena report.

If leaks and rumors about the device are any indication, the smartphone will even feature the same display as its 2012-era predecessor. Case makers for iPhones have leaked information seemingly confirming these speculations as well.

The iPhone SE was not a bad smartphone. Its performance was great and it was compact. What really brought it down was its outdated design. What’s particularly irksome for the iPhone SE2 is that Apple seems to be doing the exact same thing for the 2018-generation handset — only worse.

Considering the major leap in design that Apple rolled out for the iPhone X, after all, it probably wouldn’t be too difficult for the smartphone maker to give the iPhone SE2 rounded corners, or a display better than the 1136 x 640 panel that was industry-leading back in 2012.

Alas, based on leaks about the device, there is a good chance that Apple’s iPhone SE2 will be just like its predecessor — a device with good internals coupled with a really lazy design.

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