'And Just Like That' Star Cathy Ang Shows Us Lily Can REALLY Sing!

ICYMI, the long-awaited SATC reboot And Just Like That is now in full swing over on HBO Max. Along with all the brunches, relationship drama, and wardrobe envy, we’re also getting a bit more of the ladies’ family lives in the reboot. Enter Charlotte York’s kin: The iconic Lily York-Goldenblatt, played by the even more iconic Cathy Ang. Yes, while in the past Lily’s character was mostly known for adorably ruining weddings, Ms. Ang portrays Lily the adolescent, a whole new situation.

Besides flawlessly blending in with a beloved cast, wanna know one of Cathy’s other talents? She can really sing. Like I’m talking range, technicality, control, the whole vocal thing. She did Cosmo’s TikTok Voice Challenge, just in case you wanna hear for yourself. The vocalists on TikTok do NOT mess around when it comes time for warmups, scales, and the works. Good thing Cathy can def keep up. Watch to see how she casually came, saw, and conquered.

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