Alia Shawkat coached co-star through lesbian sex scenes

Hot off a one-night stand, two women hit on the ultimate relationship test: They’ll spend 24 hours together, spilling secrets and making love every hour on the hour, to see if they’re right for each other.

That’s the premise of “Duck Butter.” Opening Friday, it features freckled “Search Party” star Alia Shawkat and the fetching Spanish actress Laia Costa.

And to think, says Shawkat, who wrote the screenplay with her director and longtime friend, Miguel Arteta: Costa’s character, Sergio, was originally written for a man.

“We met with a lot of male actors, very talented ones, but they all seemed kind of uncomfortable with how intimate we had to be,” she tells The Post. And since she and Arteta planned on shooting those 24 hours in real time — the finished product is edited down to 93 minutes — they weren’t sure how up and ready a male actor might be.

Besides, says Shawkat, who’s bisexual, “I didn’t want to see a d–k on the screen all that time!”

Now 29, she grew up in California with a dad from Baghdad and an Irish-Italian mom who was the daughter of actor Paul Burke of early TV crime drama “Naked City.” By age 6 she knew she wanted to act, and from 9 on she was doing just that, with a brief stop at Sarah Lawrence College.

“They said I could only miss three days of classes,” says Shawkat, who didn’t want to skip any work. “So I did my laundry, called a friend to come pick me up, and moved to Manhattan.” Two days later, her tuition refunded, she was a newly minted college dropout.

She’s rarely been without work since. After playing the wise-ass teen of TV’s “Arrested Development” — she says she’s still in touch with co-stars Michael Cera and David Cross — she’s averaged about four films a year and nearly as many TV appearances. A few years back she parlayed her resemblance to Ilana Glazer into a recurring role as the “Broad City” star’s look-alike love interest.

So while the girl-on-girl sex scenes of “Duck Butter” didn’t faze her, they did, Shawkat says, intimidate her co-star.

“Laia hadn’t slept with a woman before and was like, ‘I need to make sure I’m doing it the right way,’” she says. Luckily, they had three weeks to rehearse, during which they found they had what Shawkat calls “a strong physical chemistry.”

“We felt very comfortable touching each other,” she says “It made doing the sex scenes feel safe and not like, ‘Oooh, I’m gonna kiss you now!’”

The biggest challenge was shooting for 24 hours straight. At one point, she and Costa fell asleep for 20 minutes, only to be shaken awake by the crew. “Why the f–k did I do this?” Shawkat remembers thinking. But after their director had them go outside and run up and down a hill, they found a second wind.

The last 12 hours of the shoot were filmed at Shawkat’s own home, in the Hollywood Hills.

“It was very trippy falling asleep in my bed at night after having 12 people in my bedroom, filming me,” she says, laughing. “When we wrapped, I had to change the whole feng shui of my house!”

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