Aldi to launch mega Baby and Toddler Event this week

This isn’t the only Specialbuy to be launching at Aldi.

The supermarket is selling an affordable Moses Basket with a Stand.

For £29.99, customers can pick up the item that’s handmade from natural palm leaf and features a breathable mattress and embroidered quilt.

The stores Baby Milestone Blankets (£9.99) and Silicone Animal Night Lights (£6.99) are also bound to be popular with shoppers.

Meanwhile, Aldi has re-launched deals on its baby wipes.

768 wipes cost £5.59 – which works out as less than 1p per wipe.

Nappies are another popular item to be reduced.

Here are the best offers from the core range:

  • Mamia Newborn Size 1 24 pack (79p), only 3.2p per nappy
  • Mamia Size 2 44 pack (£1.79), only 4p per nappy
  • Mamia Size 3 56 pack (£2.89), only 5.2p per nappy
  • Mamia Size 4 84 pack (£4.39), only just 5.2p per nappy
  • Mamia Size 5 72 pack (£4.39), only just 6.1p per nappy

Aldi’s Baby & Toddler events begins on Sunday August 11.

It will run for five days, ending on Thursday 15.

For more details on the promotion, visit the Aldi website.

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