Aldi shopper hacks to make speedy cashiers slow down – like ordering items

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After doing your shopping at Aldi, the checkout process can be incredibly stressful.

Cashiers speedily shove the shopping down the conveyor belt for us to try and quickly pack in a bag.

This has caused customers to band together and share some top tips on dealing with the super speedy cashiers.

Writing on the Aldi Shoppers UK group on Facebook, one woman asked: "Does anyone pack as they go at Aldi ? Or do you pack after

"I tried today and felt so under pressure my pizzas was squashed the fresh ones too lol.

"My sub rolls looked like they was gonna be flat breads any time soon and my buns were getting a bashing too. Does anyone ask them to slow down?"

Her post quickly racked up several responses from fellow Aldi shoppers – and many shared their advice for dealing with the speed of the cashiers.

One said: "I'm the sad individual that puts everything in order on the conveyor belt so that heavy things go into the bottom of the bags, frozen, chilled, fruit and veg in another etc and anything that could be easily squashed or broken goes last."

Another agreed, writing: "I do this… Load the conveyor with heavy stuff first (cans, bottles, frozen stuff), then light breakables last (crisps, bread pizza).

"Prep my bags, get them all open and ready.

"I use the big square bags for life. They're great. They're big and stay open so I'm able to just chuck stuff in the trolley."

Someone else suggested having a chat with the checkout person to try and "slow them down a bit".

Others admitted they just put everything in the trolley and then use the designated packing area to sort it all out.

One person commented: "I pack in the packing area.

"That way I can just put everything back in the trolley as it goes through the checkout and pack at my own pace and not inconvenience anyone else."

Another added: "I sort as I shop then put on to conveyor in correct order.

"Partially pack at till and when it gets too much I put it back into the trolley.

"Then finish packing at shelf/counter.

"Sometimes finish at till. Aim is to have my card in my hand as last item is scanned… 80 to 90% success rate."

Several Aldi employees also took to the comments section to help the customer out, with one writing: "If you want to pack at the till it is much easier if you organise your bits on the conveyor belt and have your bags open and ready.

"I'll always wait for you to get organised if you need to and if you need me to slow down then absolutely ask, there's nothing worse than feeling panicked and pressured.

"Yes we have to scan fast (1,100 items an hour) but there are methods for us to keep our till score high without throwing your biscuits at you."

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