Adorable 3-year-old leads class in touching lunchtime prayer

A 3-year-old boy from St. Louis is blessing social media with a touching prayer.

Just before sitting down to lunch on Jan. 7, Makhi Martin stood in front of his classmates, bowed his head and recited a stirring invocation as his teacher and other students repeated the prayer after him.

His mother, Ranisha Martin, was at the Christian preschool that day to share cupcakes with Makhi’s class on his 3rd birthday. She was also lucky enough to be there to capture the adorable speech on video, and shared it to Facebook in a post that now has nearly 3 million views.

“You getting so big now and you making me so proud ?,” Martin posted. “I really do adore this kid ! It don’t get no better than this ? #MakhiTakes3 ?✈️??? #Transformation.”

Martin told The Post she and her husband Darnell are proud of how their son memorized the lengthy prayer, saying “he leads us at home.”

Her little boy asked his higher power to bless the cupcakes — and his classmates.

“Father God, we thank you for this food,” Makhi can be heard saying in the clip as his teacher repeats his words. “We ask you to bless it. Make it nourishment to our body. Bless all the boys and girls all over the world.”

Martin told Good Morning America she was “very shocked” when she heard her son pray so confidently in front of his schoolmates — and she thinks people on social media are “touched to see a little kid praying.”

“He’s very smart,” Ranisha also told the morning show. “He’s obsessed with dinosaurs. He can name all the dinosaurs and something special about them. He can tell you his birthday, his mom and dad’s names, where he lives … he can tell you everything.”

The precocious young pastor is also excited to become a big brother in July.

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