Adam Rippon’s First ‘DWTS’ Performance Used A RuPaul Song & Fans Were OBSESSED

One of everyone’s fave Winter Olympics ice skaters could very well be displaying a Mirrorball trophy beside his bronze medal in the near future. Adam Rippon’s "Sissy That Walk" performance on Dancing With The Stars proved with flying colors that he has what it takes (and more) to win the competition. Claiming the winner’s title, of course, would mean reigning supreme over his best friend, skating partner, and fellow DWTS competitor, Mirai Nagasu, so here’s to hoping competing against each other doesn’t come between their friendship. After all, they’re used to being partners, not competitors.

A little friendly competition never hurt anyone, though, and Nagasu did wish him well during the season premiere — even if she is obviously pulling for herself first. Of course, their final fate is yet to be determined (there are three more weeks to go), but as of the first dance, Rippon is light years ahead of the other dancing stars.

He claimed from the beginning that he was determined to nab the winning trophy — and he just may, yet. "I want the Mirrorball," he said on the show, pointing to the disco ball hanging from the ceiling behind him. "I want that."

Well, he is now one step closer to making that dream come true, because the judges loved him, and so did the show’s many viewers. Some fans were particularly excited that he and partner Jenna Johnson paid homage to RuPaul and his show, RuPaul’s Drag Race with their song choice, and neither of them were short of necessary sass.

Others are already preparing to be very angry if he doesn’t take home the win this season.

Some tuned in just to see the Olympic star off the ice, and they were not disappointed.

Neither was his partner Jenna Johnson, who was beyond excited to dance with him in the first place. "Every day, I’m like, is this a dream? Am I dancing with Adam Rippon? And I am. It’s awesome. I love it!" Johnson told Channel 16 WNEP News.

Rippon was just as excited to be Johnson’s partner. "I have the best partner on the show," he told WNEP. "She’s whipping me into shape. You would think that skating translates to the dance floor, but everything is so different."

He was up front about his struggles in rehearsal on Twitter, where he posted a video of him peeling out in socks on a hard dance floor. "Didn’t realized how talented of a dancer I really was until @DancingABC," he joked. "Probably will be on troupe next season."

Johnson proceeded to explain that because his feet are trained to stay flat for skating, he’s not used to shifting his weight, which is necessary in the ballroom.

"Quick stepping into the unknown, a little challenging but I think we’re up for the challenge and we’re going to have a lot of fun and definitely be working very hard to put out our best dances," Rippon said to WNEP.

Regardless of his initial insecurities, Rippon remained positive and nailed his first dance in a sheer, form-fitting, black lace top that Ru would be proud of. Lip-syncing and all, he was truly shimmying that walk.

The judges thought so too, as they gave the pair not quite RuPaul-worthy tens, but eights across the board, for a total of 24 points. "You were born to do this show," one of the judges told him.

That made them a shoo-in for progression in the competition, but it didn’t keep Rippon from shying away from earning any last minute votes with his charisma and charm, as he repeatedly looked into the camera and encouraged the viewers to vote. That probably wasn’t even necessary, though, because, just like him, his fans want him to win. And, he really just might.

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