Adam Rippon Defends Figure Skaters On ‘DWTS’: It’s A ‘Different Ballgame’

Stop hating on the figure skaters! In a new interview, Adam Rippon explains that although being a skater helps, ‘Dancing with the Stars’ is a totally different challenge for them.

Adam Rippon, 28, doesn’t think that the figure skating athletes have it any easier than the others on Dancing with the Stars. “You know, I think it’s because we’ve all performed before, but this is definitely a completely different ballgame,” Adam said in a post-show interview on Monday, April 30. “It’s so much technique and so much work goes into these dances. We are all completely out of our elements, as there were a lot of really awesome dances!”

Adam added that two other non-skating athletes, Chris Mazdzer and Josh Norman, also did exceptionally well. “Chris was awesome, Josh was incredible,” Adam gushed excitedly. For those of you unfamiliar with Chris and Josh, Chris is an American luger and Josh is a retired football player. Those are definitely much different physical sports than ice skating, so Adam makes a very good point!

The Olympic skater also had nothing but kind words for his fellow ice master, Tonya Harding, who is also competing on the athletes edition of DWTS. “She had a really great dance tonight and she seemed super happy and it was nice to see her have a positive response,” Adam said. Very true, Adam!

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