9 Music Icons Inducted Into (And Snubbed By) The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

This year’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees are some of the most diverse of all time. No one could deny that this group have made substantial contributions to music over their iconic careers – but there were a few who were excluded from the Hall…

The New Inductees Are:

9 Tina Turner – Performer

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“Queen of Rock & Roll” Tina Turner has been crooning her way to the top of the charts since the 60s. Her 1984  five-time platinum album Private Dancer no less than seven hit singles – including “What’s Love Got to Do With It,” which rapidly became an MTV standard.

Turner is no stranger to awards and honors, having two MTV music awards, three AMAs, seven billboard awards, eight Grammy Awards (as well as being inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame and receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award.) She also set the world record for performing a rock concert for the largest audience in history – 180,000 people.

For those experiencing déjà vu, Turner has already been inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – but not as a solo artist. In 1991 she and her then-husband Ike were inducted as a duo.

8 Carole King – Performer

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Like Turner, Carole King has already been inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for her earlier work – with her former husband and songwriting partner Gerry  Goffin. Now she is being honored for her solo singer-songwriter career.

King’s 1971 album Tapestry swept the Grammys, and is one of the top 100 selling albums of all time – reaching “diamond status” in 1995 with over 14 million certified sales. Her songs have been covered by everyone from the Beatles to Lady Gaga.

7 The Go-Go’s – Performer

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The Go-Go’s have been called the most successful all women rock band of all time, featuring Belinda Carlisle as the lead vocalist, Jane Wiedlin as the rhythm guitarist/vocalist, Charlotte Caffey as lead guitarist/keyboardist, Gina Schock as drummer, and Kathy Valentine as bassist. Their first album, Beauty and the Beat was released in 1991 and is still the only album by an all-women band who played all their own instruments and wrote all their own songs that has topped the Billboard albums chart.

Known for hits like “We Got the Beat” and “Our Lips Are Sealed” the Go-Gos always managed to walk the line between new wave pop and punk rock. They have influenced countless hit bands, from Nirvana to Green Day.

6 Jay-Z – Performer

DJ Khaled – SORRY NOT SORRY. Featuring Nas, JAY-Z, James Fauntleroy and Harmonies by The Hive. Watch the official music video: TIDAL.link/SorryNotSorry

With 14  number  one  albums, Jay-Z has the most of any of any solo artist. He also has 22 Grammys – the most of any hip hop artist. From 1996’s Reasonable Doubt to 2017’s 4:44 (which included the critically acclaimed track “The Story of O.J.”) Jay-Z has been a consistent figure in the top 100 for decades.

Kasseem “Swizz Beatz” Dean, the producer of some Jay-Z’s massive hits told Forbes: “It’s bigger than hip-hop … it’s the blueprint for our culture. A guy that looks like us, sounds like us, loves us, made it to something that we always felt that was above us.”

In 2019, Jay-Z became hip-hop’s first billionaire, and is his music and record label are part of a massive brand owned by the rapper. He sold the multi-million dollar clothing brand Rocawear in 2007, but still maintains the cognac brand D’Ussé, and the music-streaming service Tidal.

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5 Foo Fighters – Performer

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Dave Grohl had years of original songs already written when Nirvana disbanded in 1994, and recorded the entire album in a week.

“I actually recorded the whole thing in sequence,” Grohl told Matt Wilkinson on Apple Music’s Beats 1, “I was really, really excited to do this. I mean, it was almost like a school project. I was preparing, I had charts.”

The album, which began as just 100 cassette tapes that Grohl handed out to his friends, would be the very first Foo Fighters album.

They have gone on to win 12 Grammys, play  back-to-back sold-out nights at Wembley Stadium, and President Joe Biden’s 2021 inauguration.

4 Todd Rundgren – Performer

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Todd Rundgren has his hands in just about every area of the music industry – he’s a singer, a songwriter, he plays the guitar, bass, keyboard, and drums, and of course, he’s a producer.

In the 1960s, he joined Baskerville Records as a producer and engineer, and quickly achieved a top 20 hit with “We Gotta Get You a Woman” as part of his debut solo album Runt. Through the 70s and 80s he would produce albums for the New York Dolls, Meat Loaf, the Patti Smith Group, and many more, as well as releasing 12 solo albums of his own.

Almost there:

3 LL Cool J – Musical Excellence Award

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The “musical excellence award” has an interesting history. In 2000, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame introduced the Sidemen award category, for figures in music who had largely gone unrecognized or uncredited, but it has since been rolled into the “Musical Excellence Award” which is “given to artists, musicians, songwriters, and producers whose originality and influence creating music have had a dramatic impact on music.” Considering Ringo Starr is among previous winners, it’s unlikely that it continues to be for unrecognized musicians.

Left out of the Hall of Fame:

2 Iron Maiden & Rage Against the Machine

Both iconic bands were nominated this year, but neither were inducted into the Hall of Fame. While both were genre trailblazers who have had a profound influence on music, they didn’t make the final cut. KISS vocalist and bassist Gene Simmons tweeted multiple times in response, defending both bands and calling the Hall of fame a sham for not including Iron Maiden.

1 Fela Kuti

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame included a fan vote, and the second place spot (after Tina Turner) was held by Afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti, with more than 545,000 votes. However, he didn’t make it into the Hall of Fame. His exclusion highlights how little the fan ballots impact the final decisions – and how the Hall is focused on artists from the US and the UK.

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