8 Highest Grossing Las Vegas Residencies of All Time

Hot off the heels of her latest chart-topping album 30, pop-superstar Adele is headed to Las Vegas to kick off her first residency. Weekends With Adele will premier early next year at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace, where the singer-songwriter will perform her biggest hits, and if the tickets sell anything like her albums, it’s likely to be a sold-out show.

Adele will follow a string of music’s top talent when she makes Sin City her semi-permanent home. Famous faces like Celine Dion, Cher, Britney Spears, and Lady Gaga have all adorned the Vegas marquee.

Adele has already been crowned one of music’s top-selling artists, with her sophomore record achieving the world’s best sales of the 21st century. She’ll need to beat out these eight highest-grossing shows if she plans on dominating the Las Vegas strip as well.

8 8/8 $71.8 Million ‘The Showgirl Must Go On’

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Pop diva Bette Midler took to the Vegas stage in 2008. For two years, she sold out a string of shows at Caesars Palace. When the dust had finally settled, the superstar had performed 169 shows over a two-year run. The Showgirl Must Go On had grossed over $70 million at the box office.

Last week Midler reflected on the show and the humbling award the staff offered her when it closed:

“Toward the end of the run, I got probably one of the greatest awards I ever received,” she told the Washington Post. “An award from the ushers and the box office staff — for perfect attendance,” Midler, 76, said in the interview. “Because if you don’t work, they don’t get paid.”

7 7/8 $97.4 Million ‘Cher’

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Cher’s self-titled residency was the second in her career. The pop icon graced the stage of Caesars Palace in 2008, 30 years after she first performed at the venue. The show included 14 dancers and four aerialists, with a total of 17 costumes designed by Bob Mackie. Cher performed over 190 shows during the seven legs and three years of the show. Both critics and fans gave the show rave reviews, and it grossed almost $100 million.

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6 6/8 $105 Million ‘Jennifer Lopez: All I Have’

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The show went on to receive critical acclaim for its production and showmanship. With one critic going as far as to say Lopez was tailor-made for Vegas.

5 5/8 $131 Million ‘The Million Dollar Piano’

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After Cher cleared out, Elton John took over at Caesars Palace. It was Mr. Johns’s second blockbuster residency following The Red Piano. John took to the stage and played a one-of-a-kind piano designed by Yamaha. The minimalist piano was a full concert grand piano hidden within an acrylic panel. The piano came fully decked out with LCD screens to harmonize with its surroundings.

John went on to play his million-dollar piano for 197 shows. The Million Dollar Piano ran for seven years and earned a stunning $131 million.

4 4/8 $144.6 Million ‘Britney Spears: Piece of Me’

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Following the success of the residency, the singer adapted the show to an arena concert tour.

3 3/8 $204 Million ‘The Red Piano’

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Premiering at Caesars Palace in 2004 to critical acclaim, The Red Piano was Elton John’s first residency. John performed his most popular songs, including Candle in the Wind and Rocket Man. He charmed fans with his famous red piano, surrounded by lavish sets. While he was originally booked for only 75 performances, the show was repeatedly extended. By 2009 when Mr. John called it quits, he had performed 247 shows that grossed a jaw-dropping $204 million in sales.

2 2/8 $299.6 Million ‘Celine’

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Celine was the second concert residency by My Hear Will Go On singer Celine Dion. She stormed into Ceasars Palace, giving a performance that some say redefined class and elegance. The singer received rave reviews, and ticket sales were strong. The residency was extended repeatedly, and shows were frequently sold out. Celine has attracted more than two million spectators since its start and spanned an impressive 427 shows. Celine became a staple of the Las Vegas strip, and the star earned a hefty $500,000 per show.

Throughout her 427 shows, Dion easily earned $200 million.

1 1/8 $480.5 Million ‘A New Day…’

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A New Day… is by far the most successful Vegas residency of all time. Almost 3 million people came to see Dion command the stage for 90 minutes. Two live performances of the show were recorded and released as albums, and the show helped make the singer the most profitable music act in Las Vegas since Elves Presley.

While it’s unlikely that Adele will be able to seize the crown from Dion with her 24 show residency, successful shows do tend to have a history of getting extended.

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