5 Mary J. Blige Love Songs That Give Us Instant Butterflies

Today, Mary J. Blige aka “the Queen Of Hip Hop Soul” turns 50 years old. There’s so much to love about this beautiful and talented diva – from her timeless beauty and iconic style to all the epic times she rocked the stage. As we reflect on all the ways we love and appreciate Ms. Blige, we can’t let this momentous occasion pass us by without celebrating her extensive catalog of love songs that have stood the test of time.

While Mary is known for her heartbreak anthems like “Not Gon Cry” and “No More Drama,” we simply can’t deny that this R&B powerhouse reigns supreme when it comes to love anthems. It’s likely that one of her chart-topping hits is the soundtrack to your first kiss, or might even take you down memory lane as you think about falling in love for the first time. Either way, we’ll never stop loving Mary for giving us staple love songs that will forever live on our playlists.

Scroll through the gallery for our handpicked selection of Mary J. Blige’s best love songs that we’ll never stop listening to.

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