5 Lottery Winners Who Went On To Fame (or Infamy)

Winning the lottery is the dream that most people have and that doesn’t seem to exclude celebrities. Whether the person buying the ticket is already wealthy or not, there is still the desire to win big and be given free money. Of course, those who do not have a fortune to begin with, truly dream of being able to afford anything and everything they set their sights on. However, as reported by Lottery Corner, those who are already wealthy still see the appeal of being handed more, and they’re usually willing to donate it… it’s the thrill of winning that appeals to just about everyone. A lottery win can change someone’s life forever, in more ways than one…

5 Famous Winner: Madonna

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One of the most famous people to have ever won the lottery happens to be none other than Madonna. Of course, she didn’t need to play the lottery per se, but that never stopped her from trying. The queen of pop is known to play SuperEnaLotto, and by all accounts, she seems to play regularly. As it turns out, she has won a few times, with her total winnings amounting to $250,000.

Lottery Corner reports that she won “a whopping €120,000 in 2012 during a tour of Europe. She had bought 100 lottery tickets.”

It seems that for Madonna, her motivation for playing is simply the thrill of the game, and knowing that she’s indifferent to the results as it won’t affect her financial standing in any way. In fact, anytime she wins any money at all, she donates the entire amount to charity. Her largest lump sum was dedicated entirely towards building schools in Malawi.

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4 Became Famous After Winning: Jane Park

On the reverse end of things, some people start off with very average lives, but then become very famous due to the fact that they struck it rich with a lottery win. That was definitely the case for Jane Park.

In fact, Jane Park became known as Britain’s youngest EuroMillions winner and every local paper in the regions surrounding her home was telling her story.

It was a unique tale indeed. It was revealed that when she won $1 million in 2013, she was just 17 years old, and unbelievably, it was the first lottery ticket that she had ever purchased in her life. In an instant, she went from being a regular teenager living an average life, to an independently wealthy, famous 17 year old that could easily afford anything she wanted. 

The lottery win catapulted her to local fame and she began leading a very lavish lifestyle. She underwent cosmetic surgery, went on expensive vacations, and splurged on a Range Rover, among other things.

3 Tries It Out: Simon Cowell

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Simon Cowell definitely doesn’t need a lottery win at all. In fact, he has far more money than most people that win the lottery ever will! However, his enormous wealth and immense net worth of $600 million doesn’t stop him from trying his luck at winning some more.

He admits to still playing regularly, although he doesn’t play with purpose. He chooses random numbers and just tries his luck.

2 Lost The Ticket: Martyn & Kay Tott

The lottery can change the lives of winners in an instant, and it’s not always for the better. Martyn Tott and his wife Kay have experienced this unfortunate situation first-hand. They won a $5 million jackpot… sort of.

They discovered that they did have the winning numbers to claim the $5 million prize, but there was just one problem. They lost the ticket.

They tried to fight for it and called in for an investigation to prove they did purchase it, but they waited too long to pursue this avenue, and the 30-day limit for reporting lost tickets had already passed. The Daily Mail interviewed Kay, who revealed; “Thinking you’re going to have all that money is really liberating. Having it taken away has the opposite effect. It drains the life from you and puts a terrible strain on your marriage. It was the cruelest torture imaginable.”

1 Gambling For A Cause: George Clooney And Elizabeth Hurley

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At first glance, George Clooney and Elizabeth Hurley seem like an unlikely lottery-playing-pair. They both have very successful Hollywood careers, and multi-millions of dollars between them.

They don’t play for fun, either.

They happen to be lottery enthusiasts that play in an effort to bring luck to others. George Clooney hopes that by continuing to play the lottery, he will end up with some winning tickets that can be used to benefit charity. His attitude towards the lottery has also spread to his friend Elizabeth Hurley, who now fosters the same philosophy.

As a pair, the regularly purchase SuperEnaLotto Tickets – and a lot of them! They are known to spend large amounts of money on stacks of lottery tickets, with the intention of handing over any and all winnings to assist the victims of the Haitian earthquake.

George Clooney is another lottery enthusiast. In 2010, the SuperEnaLotto rose to £117 million. Clooney consequently bought lottery tickets worth €1,500. He had stated that should he win, he would use the prize reward to assist the victims of the Haiti earthquake.

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