25 Photos Of Natalia Dyer From Stranger Things

Stranger Things has launched the careers of not only the main four stars of the show but also Millie Bobby Brown, Charlie Heaton and Natalia Dyer, who also have prominent roles in the Netflix series. Natalia herself has become one of the most popular stars with many of the male fans of the show, and the 21-year-old has been able to land a number of films ever since she first appeared in Stranger Things back in 2016. Natalia has only ever appeared in one TV series in her short career, though, and that is this Netflix series that has become incredibly popular over the past few years.

Natalia made her on-screen debut back in 2009 when she was just 12 years old in Hannah Montana: The Movie and has since moved on to a number of other shows in the past nine years. Her role of Nancy has become one of the most iconic on Stranger Things for the first two seasons and it’s a role that will continue to grow in the next few seasons.

Here are 25 images of Natalia Dyer, who is now one major actress to watch in the coming years because she has the potential to become one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. These photos will also be accompanied by a number of little-known facts about Natalia and her short career in the spotlight over the past few years.

25 Natalia Is Very Into Healthy Eating

Natalia’s slim figure is something that has been talked about ever since she first appeared on TV screens as Nancy Wheeler, but the actress works hard to ensure that she maintains this incredible physique. In an interview with The New Potato, Natalia revealed that her perfect breakfast is avocado on toast, before then choosing sushi for both her lunch and dinner, but the thing that she swears by is to always start and end the day with a big glass of water.

The actress then talked about the importance of getting up and moving early in the morning and getting her sweat on: “I generally eat healthily and feel great after a good sweat.”

The actress also revealed that she rarely cooks when she’s in New York and often relies on takeout, which she once again stated would usually be sushi, but when she’s back home in Nashville she likes to cook and “it’s all about roasted vegetables like kabocha squash and baking cornbread.” Natalia has a great system when it comes to eating healthily and always ensuring that she visits the gym, which is why she always looks so incredible, even when images of her are taken candidly.

24 She Never Really Wanted To Be An Actress

Natalia started her acting career when she was still a child, but she wasn’t a child that ever thought about pursuing it as a career when she grew up. Hello Giggles asked Natalia in a recent interview about the route she took into the acting business and it’s definitely one that’s unique.

She recalled, “I don’t know if there was ever a moment that I decided that this is what I want to do. I was in a sports camp in elementary school, and I really wasn’t into it and I staged a sprained ankle, they put me into drama camp instead, because that’s where they had a spot available for me. Something about it, I just really enjoyed it.”

The actress then revealed that her parents were completely supportive of her choice of career path and her mother even then started looking for jobs around Nashville for her, which was when she got her big break a few years later in Hannah Montana. She then explained that it was never something that was forced. Her career has always felt so natural to her because acting is something that she has always enjoyed doing and has a genuine passion for.

23 Natalia’s Advice To Any Aspiring Actresses

Natalia is definitely a woman who has a strong will and isn’t afraid to stand up if she believes that something needs to change, so it should come as no surprise that the actresses advice to any other women who are aspiring to be in her position is to do the same. She talked about the importance of being able to speak up if something isn’t right on set because your work will be there for millions of people to see at the end of it.

She told Hello Giggles, “Again, the thing — especially about film — is that it goes really fast and it’s there forever so if you feel something’s not right, it’s a learning process but you don’t want to have those regrets. Regardless of what they do in the editing room or where they go with it, I want to feel like I gave what I wanted to give.”

Natalia revealed in the same interview that she isn’t afraid to ask for another take or to tell the director that she wants to try something different when she’s on set because she knows that this is the work that people will be watching of hers forever and she wants to know that she gave everything that she could to it.

22 Her Father Gave Her The Best Piece Of Advice

Natalia is very private about her family and rarely ever talks about them in interviews, but it is well known that the star is very close to her father and that he has instilled something in her that makes her much more mature than her age would suggest. Natalia was asked in a recent interview with The New Potato what she thought the best piece of advice she had ever received was and she recalled that it was from her father.

She said, “Question everything. That one comes from my dad. I think especially in today’s information overload it’s important to source your facts and to form your own opinions. He also told me to drink coffee black.”

Her father was the one who opened her up to always questioning everything that she does and always wanting to get much deeper into the things she cares about, which could be why she has connected so well with so many of the characters she has played onscreen. It’s obvious that Natalia is very close to her father, and the actress often speaks up about the fact that her mother was supportive and encouraged her to pursue a career in the acting business from a young age when she realized that this was what she wanted.

21 Natalia Gets Her Scripts As The Show Is Filmed

Unlike many other TV series, it’s interesting to note that the cast of Stranger Things receive their scripts as their roles are being filmed, which means that Natalia is completely unaware of what is going to be happening with her character until she opens her script, which means that she is almost in the same boat as many of the viewers of the show.

Tvovermind reports that Natalia and a number of other cast members on the show receive their scripts on a regular basis and all decide to meet up to read the scripts together as a team, which obviously helps them all to become much friendlier with each other and much closer as a cast when they’re not on screen. This approach means that Natalia and the other cast members can’t reveal the upcoming events on the show to any fans since they don’t find out about their characters’ future until they film the show. This also means that Natalia is able to find out about Nancy like she’s a fan, which is definitely a different approach for a TV series to take, but it allows her to give much more natural reactions in these unique circumstances.

20 She Did Her Research For Her Role As Nancy Wheeler

Natalia Dyer is just 21 years old and being born in 1997 meant that she was always going to struggle to play a character who was growing up in 1983. Natalia definitely did her homework before she became Nancy Wheeler back in 2016 and one of the biggest things that she found that helped with her role was her mother’s high school yearbooks. Stranger Things includes a number of references to 80s movies throughout with a lot of throwbacks to Steven Spielberg, so all of the cast members had to do their research for the roles before they tried to create their characters for the big screen.

Grazia reported that the star even brought Charlie perfume and binge-watched horror flicks from that era all in preparation for the role and as a form of inspiration for her character, which has been her biggest to date. Her role is much more understated than the kinds of characters that many 80s shows have presented lately, but Natalia brings a different kind of air to the role, which is why she has become such a popular icon for many fans of the show.

19 She Revealed What It Was Like To Work With Her Boyfriend

Natalia and Charlie Heaton revealed that they were in a relationship back in December 2017, which means that the two were together last year when they were filming their romantic scenes in season two of Stranger Things. Natalia has been batting off many questions about her love life in recent months and one of these questions was about having to be both an on-screen and off-screen couple.The actress revealed that there are definitely both pros and cons to working with her real-life boyfriend on-screen, but it was a lot of fun.

She told Us Weekly, “He’s alright I guess. He doesn’t mess up our scenes too much! No, he’s great. He’s talented, like everybody in the cast. They’re all super, just great to work with.”

Natalia always has a smile on her face when she talks about her relationship with Heaton and this could be why the media has been obsessed with the young couple over the past few months. Charlie’s cute birthday message to Natalia didn’t help the rumors either when he decided to publicly send it to the star on Twitter, which definitely got a number of tongues wagging.

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18 Her Net Worth Is Already $2 Million

Natalia may have only been on the acting game for nine years, but she has definitely seen her Net Worth rise in recent years. Natalia has mostly starred in independent, low budget movies over the past few years until she was cast as Nancy Wheeler in Stranger Things back in 2016.

Natalia is only 21 years old and has had a sizeable income ever since she was a teenager, and there aren’t many teenagers who can claim to be millionaires and still remain relatively unknown to much of the population. Natalia has chosen her roles in movies wisely over the past few years and they have allowed her to live out her dream, earn a decent wage and still be able to maintain a semblance of a normal life. As this list will show, Natalia is someone who doesn’t enjoy the spotlight side of her career as an actress, but she loves the acting part so she tries to shy away from everything outside of her on-screen roles. It’s also reported that Natalia’s father has a huge influence on her and this shows that she has her head on straight. She will always be seen as a positive role model and someone who’s sensible with her income.

17 Natalia Is Only 21 Years Old

Natalia plays the teenage Nancy Wheeler on Netflix show Stranger Things, but the actress herself has already left school and is studying at NYU since she’s much older than her character at 21.

Natalia has already accomplished a lot in her short life since she’s both a TV and movie star and has been able to pursue her education as well.

Many fans would believe that the star was much older based on her achievements or even much younger based on her looks, since she easily passes for the teenage Nancy Wheeler on the Netflix show. Given some of the images of Natalia online, the actress could also have a future in the modelling business. Many actresses nowadays are part of a number of promo photoshoots for series that they are part of, so Natalia could already have a future in the modelling business if images like the one above are anything to go by.

16 She Recently Published Her Own Book

Not only is Natalia beautiful, educated and talented, she is also an accomplished writer. The star recently published her own book entitled A Brush With Life.

It is reported that this is a coffee table book that Natalia has been working on for a while and has allowed her to become an author at just 21 years old.

Natalia is highly educated and enjoys her own space, which is why she tries to avoid everything associated with fame when she isn’t on-screen, including social media, so she has spent what little free time she has had outside of college and Stranger Things to write this book, which isn’t a well-known release from the actress. Her book was a limited release but given the level of education that the small town star has had over the past few years, anyone who can get their hands on her book will definitely not regret the purchase. Given everything the star has already achieved both on and off screen in such a small amount of time, it’s easy to see why many fans and experts expect her to become a huge star in the acting world the coming years.

15 Her First Role Was Hannah Montana: The Movie

Natalia is somewhat unknown to fans who are not familiar with her work on Stranger Things because the 21 year old has only been part of the acting scene for the past nine years and she hasn’t been part of a lot of high profile roles in that time.

Natalia started her career with a small role in Hannah Montana: The Movie alongside Miley Cyrus back in 2009.

The youngest played the role of Clarissa Granger in the movie where she was the daughter of the journalist called Oswald Granger who discovers that Hannah Montana has been living a double life. Natalia is one of his twin daughters with the other daughter being played by Rachel Woods. She was just 12 years old when she landed the role. Even though this wasn’t a huge role in the movie, it was still an important one in the story, since it’s the journalist’s daughters who convince him not to make his finding’s public knowledge and he then refuses to publish his research and this role has also opened the door to a number of other roles for Dyer over the past few years, so it wasn’t a bad one for her to begin with.

14 The Reason Why She Chose To Play Nancy

While it’s usually the director’s or even the producer’s decision to hire an actor or actress as part of their project, it’s usually the actor who decides to audition for a certain role and Natalia was drawn to the role of Nancy because of how strong and independent she is. Natalia revealed in an interview with Cosmopolitan that she thought Nancy was a well-rounded character and one that isn’t seen very often, which made her excited for the role:

“She does have that love triangle and boy drama aspect to her, but she’s independent and strong, and her main focus is about finding her best friend and solving that mystery at any cost.”

She talked about how much of a blessing it was to be able to bring a character like Nancy to life and to be able to live in that role. During the interview, she also talked about how great it is to be playing a strong female character and to be surrounded by them. “Having strong women who aren’t damsels is so nice.” Natalia is someone who is all for pushing women forward but not someone who is about to push feminism down the throats of her fans, which is great to see.

13 She Loves To Glam Herself Up For The Red Carpet

One of the best parts of being an actress has to be the red carpet events where the person behind the character is finally able to show off their own style, and this is the part that Natalia enjoys showing off her own style. In an interview with Glamour, Natalia revealed a little about her personal style:

“I’m pretty casual in my day-to-day life—I don’t like to do a whole lot,” but when it comes to the red carpet, “it’s fun to embrace the more glamorous and crazy side.”

Natalia has revealed a number of times that she loves Nancy’s style and that she often states that she needs to buy the clothes that her character wears throughout the show because she is becoming used to high waisted jeans and Doc Martens, but when it comes to having to look glam for any appearances, Natalia loves being able to dress up and show off her feminine side. Nancy is the kind of character who is both feminine and able to prove that she can keep up with the boys, and Natalia shares the same kind of spirit and likes being able to show off her incredible figure whenever she can.

12 Her Most Challenging Scene On Stranger Things

Stranger Things is definitely not a show that’s easy to explain to fans who don’t already watch the show, but being a star of the show isn’t any easier either. Natalia has stated that there have been a number of challenging scenes to film throughout the first two seasons, but when it came to her most challenging, she claimed that it was the scene where she was forced to climb a tree. This might not seem like a difficult task, but it was definitely one that posed a challenge for Natalia.

The scene does not show the actual difficult nature of the filming process. She was forced to do this a number of times while also being slathered in some slimy Demogorgon style liquid. The crew forced Natalia to repeat her climb and descend a number of times until they seemed to have gained the right amount of footage, which the actress obviously found both physically and mentally demanding, but she has stated that while she thought that this was hard work, it definitely paid off in the long run and as part of the overall show. Natalia even spoke to Just Jared and revealed that she hopes that Nancy gets more action roles in season three of the show.

11 She Started Her Acting Career At The Age Of 11

Natalia is a relatively new face in the acting world to many fans who don’t watch independent movies. Even though the star started her acting career back in 2009 with a small role in Hannah Montana: The Movie, this has been one of the highlights of her entire stint in the acting business before she landed the role in Stranger Things.

Natalia was cast as Lily in The Greening Of Whitney Brown just two years later in 2011 alongside Brooke Shields before she then starred in the indie film I Believe in Unicorns, which premiered in 2014 at SXSW. Her career has slowly been building. Her final known movie before she was cast in Stranger Things was as Marie in Long Night’s Short Mornings and is now set to star in Velvet Buzzsaw, which also stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Rene Russo, and John Malkovich and looks to be released later this year. Her role in the fantasy-based horror series has allowed her to become a much more recognized star and has led to bigger roles for her alongside some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. She is now seen as one of the stars to watch in the future, since big things are already expected of the 21-year-old.

10 She Is A Huge Fan Of Orange Is The New Black

Even though Natalia is one of the stars of her own Netflix show, the young actress is actually a huge fan of another show on the Network which is Orange Is The New Black. Natalia revealed that she loves the show but she was forced to pace herself with the last season so that she could truly savor it.

Orange Is The New Black is a series about an all-female prison that was once one of Netflix’s biggest pulls when it was still an up and coming Network a few years ago, much like Stranger Things is right now, but its popularity has definitely dropped in recent years. Because of how busy Natalia has been over the past few months with filming and traveling she has been able to truly savor the last season since it has been waiting for her on Netflix for a while. It’s odd for an actress to come out and state that they love something that could be considered to be competition, but the show was so good and was such a huge show for Netflix all those years ago that there aren’t many young adults that didn’t tune into the show in its heyday.

9 She Loves Nancy’s Style In Stranger Things

Natalia definitely did her homework when it comes to preparing for her role as Nancy Wheeler on the popular Netflix show, but even though she binge-watched a lot of 80s shows, her character doesn’t actually dress like many characters who are said to be from that era.

Natalia herself revealed in an interview with Instyle Magazine that she is a huge fan of Nancy’s understated fashion sense. Nancy’s style isn’t the usual 80s fashion sense that many teenagers had at that time and producers of the show have decided against making her a Madonna-obsessed teenager like many young women were at that time.

She said that she thinks that her style has a little more real and easier to deal with because she believes that it has a sweet feminine edge to it. Even though Natalia is a fan of the clothing that her character wears, the image above shows that she doesn’t always dress like her character off-screen. When Natalia is appearing as herself she is definitely someone who can turn heads and as the image above proves when she is all glammed up she definitely doesn’t look like Nancy Wheeler anymore.

8 She Considers Herself To Be An Introvert

Even though Natalia is someone with millions of fans all over the world, she has stated many times in a number of different interviews that she identifies herself as an introvert. The actress revealed that she has struggled with the idea of fame and is actually quite a shy person outside of the spotlight.She revealed her real feelings on fame in an interview with ClashMusic. “It feels very exhausting, and you feel like you have to be ‘on’ all the time. I will definitely shake your hand and say thank you. But I’m trying to figure out my boundaries still with all of that.”

She also revealed that she finds overwhelming at times and really struggles when she’s spotted on the street by fans because as an introvert she has no idea what to do and how to react. Despite all of her issues with the spotlight and the fact that she doesn’t like her private life being public knowledge, Natalia has managed to deal quite well with the attention she had received over the past few years. She has been very careful with sharing her relationship with her co-star Charlie Heaton, which was made public back in December.

7 Natalia And Charlie

Natalia has always attempted to remain tight-lipped about her personal life, instead preferring for the public to only know the things that she has openly revealed about herself, but she hasn’t been able to keep her blossoming relationship with her Stranger Things co-star Charlie Heaton a secret for very long.

Natalia and Charlie had a number of adorable scenes in season two of the Netflix show and this has allowed the couple to come out in public and reveal that they are in a relationship in real life. According to The Daily Mail, the couple confirmed their romance back in December of 2017 and the fans of the show have welcomed the fact that they are together both on-screen and off. Heaton has landed a number of high profile roles since he’s been seen as Jonathan on the show and recent reports suggest that their relationship has been strained, which could be as a result. Despite the rumors, the two still seem as close as ever and given that they have shared a number of cute images like the one above, it’s easy to see why.

6 She Is Definitely The Travelling Type

It’s definitely not a secret that Natalia hails from Nashville originally, since she has always been quite outspoken about the fact that there are many places in her hometown that should be visited and would be a fantastic tour guide, but the actress, who is currently filming the third season of Stranger Things is someone who has had to travel a lot over the past few years. This, of course, comes with the territory of being an actress.

According to WMagazine, Natalia currently manages to divide her time between both Atlanta and New York.

She also does the occasional short stint in Los Angeles like many aspiring actresses and still manages to find the time to visit her home state of Nashville. Considering the actress is just 21 years old, this would be a lot of travelling for many stars who were newer to the business but since Dyer has been part of the business ever since she was 12 years old, she realizes that travelling is a key part of her career. When she’s out promoting the show, there is a lot of travelling involved in that as well so it’s a good job that Dyer doesn’t suffer from travel sickness.

5 The Single Life?

Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton revealed that they were in a real-life relationship (much like their on-screen characters) back in December, but recent reports from a number of tabloids including The Daily Mail suggest that there could be some kind of rift between the two stars that started a few weeks ago. A few weeks ago Natalia was pictured out in LA with a mystery man, while both she and Charlie then opted to pose separately at the PaleyFest event in Hollywood back in March, which definitely got many fans talking.

This has only fuelled rumors of a breakup between the two stars of the show, who will be forced back on set and working alongside each other for season three of the show which is set to drop on Netflix in October. The two have yet to speak out about their strained relationship according to the media, but Natalia enjoyed the single life for a number of years before she was linked to a relationship with her co-star and given that her career is now heading in a new direction as well, it will be interesting to see if the single life is something that she opts for once again.

4 She Finds Social Media Overwhelming

Many actors and actresses have noticed that social media is something that can help launch and sink a career and so they have been able to use it in a productive way, but there are still a number of stars who aren’t fans of having their personal life made public online.

Natalia is one of the stars who tries to stay away from social media and even stated that she thinks it’s “a little overwhelming and toxic in a way” in an interview with ClashMusic.  Who can blame Natalia for thinking this about social media since her co-stars Millie Bobby Brown and Finn Wolfhard have gained a lot of attention online in a negative light over the past few years? Millie was objectified despite being just 13 years old when she was first made the star of Stranger Things, while Finn was castigated on Twitter when he didn’t stop to have his picture taken with a fan last year, even though he’s just 15 years old and just getting used to life in the spotlight. She said in the same interview that she has 3.3 million followers on Instagram and knowing that many people see everything she posts could “haunt me to an early grave.”

3 She Studies At New York University

Just when you thought that the 21-year-old couldn’t become any more worthy of envy than she already is, Natalia is currently studying at NYU, a course that will come to an end this September. She is a student at NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study, which means that the college actually allows their students to chose their own interdisciplinary programs that are tailored to meet their own particular needs and circumstances.

Over the past few years, Natalia has been able to juggle her education, as well as her role on the, hit Netflix series and she had been able to do this incredibly well.

A report by Tvovermind even notes that Natalia isn’t the first actress to be drawn to this unique course at NYU because of the fact that it allows students such freedom and even goes as far as to state that Dyer isn’t the only known actor or actress which is part of the course at this present moment in time, which means she has obviously been able to make a few friends in high places on top of adding another level of education to her resume.

2 She Is A Huge Fan Of Music And Fashion

Natalia has mentioned in a number of interviews over the past few years that she is a huge fan of music festivals and fashion shows. The actress revealed in an interview with W Magazine that she liked to travel and has a lot of things to mark off her bucket list while she’s young:

“I wanna get all of that checked off my list in my twenties, but I also think traveling is one of the best educations you can give yourself, you know? The places that I’ve gone have totally stuck with me, and they put you out of your element in a great way.”

Natalia conducted this interview as she was heading to a fashion show in Chelsea, while she was in the United Kingdom, another place that it seems the star enjoys visiting when she isn’t in Atlanta filming Stranger Things or in Nashville visiting her family. She also revealed that she likes to attend music festivals and one that she definitely wanted to make it to was Glastonbury. Natalia’s favorite things in life are fashion and music festivals, even though she herself stated that she loves the fact that sneakers are now in fashion and she hopes that it remains this way for a long time.

1 Fans Have Been Concerned About Her In Recent Years

Natalia’s beauty and physical appearance obviously had an impact on her being chosen for the role of Nancy Wheeler almost three years ago, but it may be her figure that many fans have had issues with in recent years.

Many media outlets have pointed out the fact that Natalia has become much slimmer over the past decade since she first appeared in Hannah Montana. While many fans have speculated that Natalia has struggled with health issues, but Natalia confirmed in an interview with Clashmusic that she was ill a lot when she was younger and this forced her to miss a lot of school. Natalia stated that she struggled with asthma and a number of other illnesses and each year would get pneumonia without fail. She said, “I guess my immune system was just terrible. I became pretty good at entertaining myself and being in my own worlds, in my own head, playing games.”

Natalia really has battled the odds over the past few years, especially since one of the biggest odds she was fighting was against her own immune system, which could be one of the reasons why she has managed to maintain such a slim figure.

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