2021 Celebrity Alcohol Brands

Celebs are always looking for the next side hustle. You can’t afford an A-listers million dollar lifestyle by just sitting around.

Among branded cosmetic lines and product testimonials, selling booze with with their face on the label is one of celeb’s biggest cash cows. Whether it be tequila or vodka, these stars are making a fortune off of supplying your next get together with the tastiest of party favors.

SelvaRay X Bruno Mars

As if it wasn’t enough that the songsmith himself Bruno Mars had one of the hottest songs of the spring with ‘Leave the Door Open’, Mars looks to offer the drink of the summer with his longtime tequila partnership.

Following the wave of their Top 100 Billboard Hit record, Bruno Mars called upon his beyond talented friends Silk Sonic and Anderson Paak to help brand the release of SelvaRay’s new campaign of summer drinks.

Distilled in the vast jungles of Panama, SelvaRay began selling top tear liquor since 2014. Just a year after Seth and Mark Gold founded the company, Mars quickly became an investor for the tropical drinks.

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“SelvaRay’s Coconut delivers the ultimate drink every time,” the singer said in a statement, “It’s hands down the best coconut rum you’ve ever tasted. Who wouldn’t be happy with a SelvaRey Piña Colada in their hand.”

Mars quickly became the face of the brand’s marketing as the singer’s signature drink, Owner’s Reserve sold out within two hours of its release.

Most recently, Mars brought along the talents of chart hitting friends to help brand SelvaRay’s new drink, Tropical Luxury. Silk Sonic and Anderson Paak joined forces yet again with Mars to be featured in an ad that showcased the abundant fun that Tropical Punch has in store for all our kickback necessities.

3 Kendell Jennifer’s 818 Tequila

You wouldn’t be keeping up with the Kardashians if you weren’t clued into all the money moves that go on in the family. The most recent on being: Kendell Jennifer’s new line of tequila

While most fans know Kendell for stomping down the catwalk, she step her toes into the booze business when she announces 818 Tequila on her Instagram.

For almost 4 years I’ve been on a journey to create the best-tasting tequila . . . 3.5 years later i think we’ve done it,” Kendell writes to her 170 million followers.

“This is all we’ve been drinking for the last year,” she goes on to say, “and i can’t wait for everyone else to get their hands on this to enjoy it as much as we do.”

Named after the Kardashian’s area code back in Calabasas, the brand comes in threw different flavors: Reposado, Blanco, and Anejo. The drink has actually created quite the buzz around the tequila competition circuit. Kendall anonymously submitted 818 to several different contest and placed pretty highly in a few.

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“By all means, if you can get your hands on a bottle, definitely do. Then slide a glass our way,” a judge tells People.

Though, lately, it has been all peaches and cream for Kendall’s newest business venture. 818 Tequila has been the subject of much scrutiny these past few weeks by people claiming that Kendall is appropriating Latin culture Not only do they disapprove of Kendall capitalizing off a product that is not of her heritage, they also believe that celebrity brands such as the funnel profits from consumers that would better go towards smaller businesses.

Her family’s questionable comments and the fact that her team refused to speak upon the issue might not be the best look for Kendall.

2 Ryan Reynolds and Aviation American Gin

Aviation American Gin, a Portland based liquor brand, was founded by Christian Krogstad and Ryan Magarian in 2008. Though the face of the brand today is that of Hollywood leading man, Ryan Reynolds.

The actor first dived into the liquor business when he acquired a minority stake at an undisclosed amount from Davos Brands. Thus, he became the brand’s co-owner.

“I’ve tried every gin on the planet and Aviation is, hands down, the best,” says Reynolds’ on the brand’s website, “Also, I don’t recommend trying every gin on the planet. Stick with this one.”

According to the site, Aviation is made from a “proprietary maceration recipe that produces a pure medley of botanical flavor.” It surely must do the trick as Aviation is currently the country’s second biggest super premium gin, with brand’s growth volume reaching higher than 100%. This caught the eye of alcoholic beverage distributor, Diago, who bought Aviation for a whopping $610 million.

 Reynolds remains as a prominent figure in the company. For Father’s Day, Reynolds and his creative agency, Maximum Effort made a special video to showcase the company’s new drink, “The Vasectomy”.

1 Snoop Dog’s Snoop Cali Rosé

He’s not all smoke and reefers! Believe it or not, the legendary ‘Doggfather’, Snoop Dog has actually made huge waves in the wine industry through the past few years.

When China placed nearly 200% of tariffs on Australian alcoholic beverages, the great Down Under soon found itself in a bit of a pickle. This saw major losses from companies like Treasury Wine Estates.

Luckily, Snoop was there to save the day! He recently became the ambassador of Treasury’s brand and helped promote one 19 Crimes. 19 Crimes is line of wine that takes inspiration from Austrian felonies of the past that in turn became colonist.

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This unlikely paring of a LA rapper and bespoke, European wine brand worked perfectly as their first collaboration, Snoop Cali Red became the top-selling wine innovation of 2020. Earlier this year, Snoop turned it up a notch with the launch of the brand’s newest drink: Snoop Cali Rose.

“We did it big with 19 Crimes Cali Red, so you know we had to do it again,” the rapper boasts in a statement, “and this time, I was thinking pink. I can’t wait for everyone to sip on my Snoop Cali Rosé and bring those fresh feels from spring into summer and beyond.”

With a fruity blend of Zinfandel, Grenache and Pinot Noir, Treasury releases this drink to ride the phenomenon of celebrity branded wines. And who better to be the face of your product than the ‘Doggfather’ himself.

“This is how we Rosé the Snoop Dogg way!” the artist exclaims.

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