20 Regular People Who Tried To Look Like A Kardashian (And Are Outshining The Originals)

Admit it. You reacted to the name “Kardashian.” Hollywood’s most famous family might have some of us wondering what they’re famous for, but it’s too late. The power of all things K has worked, and if you’re reading this, that’s all the proof they need. Queen bee Kim Kardashian has over 100 million Instagram followers, and she’s conquering the internet one puckered up selfie at a time. Her squad puts family before friends, and alongside sisters, Khloe, Kourtney, Kylie, and Kendall, she’s rich beyond belief. Forget the $150 million the family signed to extend Keeping Up With The Kardashians for five more seasons. These sisters can rake in $500,000 per sponsored Instagram post.

The man behind the family’s deals has confirmed that a quarter of a million dollars is the minimum these women will accept to put their face to a brand. Kardashian Klones are popping up all over the place, and some of them are weirdly similar. Kim K may think she’s unique, but has her loyal following gotten too close for comfort? Whether it’s Kim’s double over in Mexico or a Dubai duo making us do a double take, the lookalikes are on the rise. Here are 20 regular people who tried to look like a Kardashian (and are outdoing the real ones).


If you didn’t look at this and immediately think it’s Kim, you’re kidding yourself. It’s time to meet Sonia Ali–Kim’s most successful doppelgänger. This Dubai-based makeup artist hit the jackpot when she realized she was the spitting image of Kim, and her Instagram is proving it big time.

Not quite reaching Kim’s KKW Beauty line (which sold out in just THREE minutes), Sonia is still a makeup fanatic. “I was such a tomboy,” she told Vogue.

The half-Turkish, half-British sensation spoke to Vogue about how she started doing her sister’s makeup at 13: “I was such a tomboy then. My sister didn’t understand my sudden interest in makeup.” Sonia and her sister are coming up to 1 million followers on Instagram. And Kim thought she was turning heads…


How could this not be a photo of Kim and Kylie? The hair, the clothes, the shades–they literally couldn’t be more on point. Here’s the thing, though. These sun-drenched sisters are all the way in Dubai, not California. Lookalike Sonia, works just like Kim–with her sisters. Sonia is BFFs with her sister, Fyza, and they even share their Instagram account.

The Kardashians have proved that sister power is the way to make millions. Each one conquers one part of the Kardashian empire.

While Sonia plays the role of Kim, Fyza has taken on Kylie Jenner. There’s no baby, Stormi Webster (or baby Chicago), but these two are rocking the lookalike game and it’s kind of freaking us out.


Kylie is probably too busy going for “Stormi Strolls” to pay attention to her lookalikes, but we’ve found one and she’s perfect. 17 year-old Amira Boualleg has become an internet frenzy after starting up an Instagram account that couldn’t be more Kylie if it tried. Amira recreates dog filter Snapchats, she definitely has her lips all contoured, plus she’s launching her own makeup line, AMR Cosmetics.

The Kylie Cosmetics has turned a staggering $420 million in 2017 sales according to Forbes. “The dream is to create my own brand, ” this lookalike said.

Amira may have a long way to go, but she’s gaining popularity one selfie at a time. “The dream is to create my own brand like Huda beauty or Fenty,” she told The Sun. We’ll keep rooting for you, Amira.


Khloe Kardashian is having a tough time right now. That said, she’s been married before. Lamar Odom may have had Khloe many moons ago, but it looks like he’s been fishing for a similar girl in his net.

Just days before Khloe gave birth to her baby girl Truth with her beau, Tristan Thompson, The Daily Mail reported that he’d been filmed with an unknown woman in an NYC bar.

This 2017 pic shows Lamar looking very loved up with a woman who looks suspiciously similar to Khloe. The Daily Mail photographed these two during a Beverly Hills shopping trip. Amazing curves? Check. Long blonde hair? Check. Denim and a basketball cap? Check. Is someone missing the real Khloe?


Kourtney Kardashian may head to Mexico for luxury getaways, but she’ll need to watch out who she bumps into. Time to meet Daisy Gonzalez. The 22-year-old is creepily similar to the Kardashian mom of three, and she’s nearly half Kourtney’s age.

This Mexican beauty might live in snowy Michigan, but she’s proving she’s got California potential.

Daisy spoke to the French media outlet, Public, saying that she was “flattered” at all the attention she gets from her looks. Those big chocolate eyes and brown eyes are making us wonder if these two share the same DNA. They should totally get these girls on the show.


Okay, she is not exactly a “regular person,” but the resemblance is uncanny. The tables have turned for Paris Hilton (who once has Kim K as her stylist), although the Californian socialite does have a sense of humor. In 2017, Paris posted this hilarious shot on her Instagram proving that she too can look like Kim.

The clothes are straight from Kanye’s Yeezy Season 6 line. Paris was willing to leave her tiny pink dresses behind for the day as she went “Kim style.” Kim often gives us morning Calabasas shots from her squats routine, although much like Kim, Paris has made sure there’s a fancy car in the pic. Actual LOLs.


Kim K may have famously “broken the internet” with her risqué Paper magazine cover, but she’s got a lookalike hot on her heels. Kamilla Osman is wiping the floor with other Kardashian lookalikes, and she’s nailed every final detail.

The Toronto-based fashion blogger and designer has copied Kim’s shaggy overcoats, body-hugging dresses, and she even has her own baby North.”I didn’t try to emulate Kim’s look,” she told The Inquisitr.

“We happen to be from very similar backgrounds–I am Azeri, which borders Armenia, so I guess that played a role in our similarity.” Er, maybe there’s a bit more to it? Ariana Grande was born in Boca Raton, Florida. Just because you’re from Miami, doesn’t mean you would look like her, right?

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You’re not a Kardashian without a power closet. These ladies have purse closets the size of our homes, and they’re not afraid to show us. Despite just having given birth, Kylie gave us a closet selfie just this year.

People reported that the purses inside Kylie’s closet were worth $400,000. Kim has an endless array of Hermès Birkin bags, and they retail for at least $50,000. Of course, she gave little Northie one just to paint.

Sister duo, Sonia and Fyza are totally proving that real women can be a Kardashian with this serious “Kloset Envy.” The poses are totally Kardashian, so is the closet, and if there weren’t a few desinger labels missing, we wouldn’t know the difference.


Kim may not carry around iced coffees as much as Britney Spears, but she sure does like her Starbucks fix. Proving she too can be a Kardashian (although the name is a bit of a giveaway), the famous Sonia is looking Kompletely Kim here. The clingy olive dress is hugging those curves like a boss, and the face is so Kim.

According to Shape, Kim opts for iced teas or a soy chai latte when she needs a caffeine fix. Lookalike Sonia spends most of her time in Dubai, but you’ll find Starbucks there too.

It might not be Calabasas, but at least this Kardashian lookalike lives somewhere glam. Dubai is packed with designer malls, and Kim goes there often for her makeup tutorials (plus a quick pit stop at Gucci or Louis Vuitton).


Los Angeles paparazzi briefly lost it in 2017 (just as the rest of us were accepting that Kylie’s disappearance was because she was pregnant). Photographers rushed to this CVS pharmacy when rumors had surfaced that a pregnant Kylie had finally emerged from hiding and was out to get some supplies.

The Daily Mail got ahold of these CVS pics, and boy did the baggy sweater get everyone talking. To top it off, the girl is standing in the baby aisle holding a pink sippy cup.

TMZ later reported that it was just “someone who looks like Kylie,” but it was enough to get everyone talking.


Life might not be #peaceandlove for Khloe right now, but this wellness enthusiast does love her health. Fitness fanatic, Khloe is big into her outdoor sports, and those dope vacations come in handy for swimming in the ocean. Time to meet PrincessRozay98.

PrincessRozay has chosen the open water for her pose, although she’s made sure she looks as much like Khloe as possible. The curled locks are free-flowing just like Khloe’s, and she’s chosen a body-hugging black outfit that’s similar to Khloe’s workout gear.

It’s unlikely we’ll be seeing much of the troubled new mom, Khloe, but fortunately, we seem to have a back-up.


Kendall Jenner’s supermodel looks are hard to copy. She’s knocked fellow model, Gisele Bundchen off her pedestal as highest-paid model, and everyone wants a piece of Kendall.

Kendall has pushed past her Kardashian label to become the industry’s golden girl, and in 2017, she raked in $18 million, according to Forbes.

Despite being a model in her own right, Emily Ratajkowski is doing a pretty good job at looking like Kendall in this pic. She’s wearing the hipster glasses, she has picked similar clothes, plus she’s got Kendall’s amazing figure. We’re not saying regular people can’t look like Kendall, but it helps if you’re six feet tall.


Kim is known for her side eyes pose. Yeah, she’s listening to you, but the other half of her brain is figuring out how to make more money. In season 14 of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, momager, Kris briefly considered how to deal with her own passing. Kris was interested in the idea of having her cremated ashes turned into a diamond. Kim’s response?”Gain weight!”

Kim wasn’t afraid to suggest that her mom beef up before the time comes. Hey, the more you weigh, the bigger the diamond (although that’s not quite how it works). Lookalike Sonia is totally giving us Kim side eye here.


This one is just hilarious. A totally unknown girl by the name of Brionna posted this pic of her grandma to Instagram with a shoutout to Kourtney. “I probably did post the best pics of #kourtneykardashian to compare to,” she said, adding, “This pic of my grandma kind of looked like her.” And it sure does.

Kourtney, of course has her own grandma, Kris’ mom, MJ. This lot really are a huge family. In an episode of KUWK that showed Kris’ controlling side, we saw the momager place a tracking device inside a new pair of sneakers and gift them to her mom without saying a word. Kris eventually confessed to MJ that she wanted to keep tabs on her, but way to be a control freak…


Was there a Kamilla Osman and Tyga? This lookalike really sends out Kim vibes. She’s contoured to the nines, dressed down in Kim’s typical style, plus the facial expression is literally Kim.

People reported that Kylie’s ex, Tyga was dating Kamilla in 2017. A source told the magazine, “He’s really into her.”

The Kardashian dating circle is small enough as it is. Kylie dated Tyga before she got with current baby daddy, Travis Scott. Tyga of course famously dated Blac Chyna, who is currently Rob Kardashian’s baby mama. And you wonder why they call it Keeping Up With The Kardashians


Khloe is probably spending a lot of time at home, following the birth of her baby girl and rife rumors that Tristan hasn’t been on his best behavior. Over in Brazil, a certain Anitta has taken a leaf out of Khloe’s book and she ain’t hanging in the jungle. The body positive pop star has over 25 million Instagram followers, and she’s catching up with Khloe fast.

Anitta has Khloe’s curves, a love for fitness, plus she has the same attitude. Vogue reported that she said, “Body diversity is important. You don’t have to have that idealized bikini body to be perfect.” Anyone who’s watched Revenge Body With Khloe Kardashian will know that Khloe has the exact same attitude.


Kourtney has a lot more to juggle than her sisters. Although Kim also now has three kids, Kourt doesn’t have Kim’s marriage stability. Kourtney is currently dating a much younger guy.

You’d need to be a complete idiot not to realize that Kourtney still isn’t completely head over heels for her baby daddy, Scott Disick. From KUKTW, we see her let him walk all over her, allows him into her home all the time, and of course, they have three children.

This Kourtney lookalike hasn’t posted any pics with kids, but she doesn’t need to. She also barely needs the makeup she’s wearing–she’s literally Kourtney’s double. Instagram is crawling with Kim lookalikes, but the Kourtney ones are proving that beauty is indeed just skin deep.


Although Kim changes her hair color on a weekly basis, she’s a firm believer in solid staples. For Kim, that’s glossed locks, celeb shades, and a casual wardrobe that’s mostly made up of Yeezy items. Sisi may not have Kim’s army of followers, but this Kardashian lookalike has definitely nailed the vibes.

Kim’s lookalike is posing in designer-packed Dubai. With every boutique from Gucci to Louis Vuitton, Kim would totally shop there (and she does).

Posing here in Dubai with her sisters, the former CNN journalist is building up her own media empire, and Kim probably doesn’t even know. Kim just posted luxury vacation pics with her sister, Kourtney, so we’ll await similar ones from Sisi.


If Kim can do it, so can Kamilla. This girl is even wearing a Yeezy hoodie from Kim’s husband Kanye West’s fashion line.

Kim won’t get out of bed for less than six figures. Kim’s face is worth so much money, brands are willing to part with half a million dollars just for one Instagram post.

Those sponsored Instagram posts you see of her with FitTea or Lumi selfie sticks? $500,000 is what she earns per post, according to Michael Heller, CEO of their management team, Talent Resources. Posing casually in a kitchen just like Kim, she’s proving you don’t need to have Kardashian as your last name to be one.


Yeah, we can have fun too. Just to prove how much these women look like the actual Kardashians, here’s one of the real lady herself. She’s posing with bestie, Larsa Pippen, who recently made headlines on account of her divorce.

Kim tends to devote her Instagram to her favorite person (herself), but she does share the limelight from time to time. Her KUWTK-filmed time at the Los Angeles Food Bank showed she is capable of not being 100% self-obsessed.

After cruising the Hollywood boulevards and seeing how the other half live, Kim was horrified to see homeless people camping out in tents. She immediately ran to a local charity to see how she could help out. Yeah, time to stop slamming her.

Whether you worship the Kardashians or you can’t stand them, don’t lie. You did major double takes at some of these women. Leave us a comment on who you think did the best job (and how on earth you think Khloe is coping right now). Hit share and get your BFF away from her bathroom mirror. These lookalikes need to get out there.

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