15 Yoga Retreats Around The World That Won’t Break The Bank (And 13 Worth Every Penny)

When we look at yoga retreats, we immediately think that they must be expensive because they look so luxurious, but there are a lot of yoga retreats out there that won’t break the banks. There are plenty of places that you can go to that don’t really focus on making huge profits and those are the ones that you want to go to. If you have always wanted to try out a yoga holiday, then we have dug up some affordable places that will rejuvenate you in no time. These places keep the cost low but give you a great yoga experience that will make you feel like your money was well spent.

Not everyone wants a cheap trip though, maybe you don’t mind throwing around your dollars bills for a yoga retreat of a lifetime. Whether you are looking to budget or to go all out on your next yoga holiday, we have exactly what you are looking for. There are a ton of expensive options available that will make you feel like you are surrounded by wealth. It all depends on the experience that you are looking for. Check out these 15 yoga retreats around the world that won’t break the bank and 15 that are worth every penny.

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28 Budget: Retreat in the Pines, Texas, USA

These retreats start at only $389 for the whole retreat. Some will go up to $499 for a few days, but it’s a pretty cheap vacation for someone who wants to relax and rejuvenate. “You’ll likely share accommodations with fellow yogis at this two-night, three-day retreat, as well as most meals (and wine is included with dinner!). Enjoy coffee, tea, juice, and milk all day to keep you alert through the candlelight renewing gentle yoga, morning flow, and freedom flow, as well as the meditation workshops.”

27 Luxurious: Blue Osa Yoga Retreat and Spa, Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica

There are a few different retreats that they do throughout the years so it depends on what month you plan on traveling. Most retreats work out to be about $207 a night. This spa is eco-friendly and intimate. You get to experience the beach and the jungle all at the same time with this beautiful retreat. “Miami-based teacher Jaya Dev will guide you through an (8 limbs path) Ashtanga & bhakti retreat to delve deeper into understanding your practice and meditation. Dev’s approach to bhakti yoga and kirtan aims to elevate conscious thoughts to “the soulful level.””

26 Budget: Finger Lakes Yogascapes, New York, USA

This retreat is close to $633 and it’s considered a form of “glamp” (glamorous camping.) You are there for two nights and three days underneath a tent but don’t worry you get to sleep in a real bed. “You’ll take one restorative yoga class and three vinyasa classes, eat locally inspired meals, enjoy a glass of local wine, relax in the on-property sauna and steam room, and hike in the state park. There’s also a bathhouse complete with hot showers and toilets, so you’ll be far from roughing it.”

25 Luxurious: Yoga for Bad People, Praia Do Rosa, Brazil

Yes, it’s really called that, I looked it up. You will spend closet to $2,000 for seven days at this gorgeous retreat. You can do everything from hiking, surfing, SUPing, swimming, hang gliding, dancing and horseback riding. “You’ll enjoy twice-daily yoga classes, morning meditation, a seven-night stay at the Pousada Casa do Ceo, and breakfast every morning and four dinners, all of which are vegetarian.” This holiday allows you to get your yoga on but also has other things for you to do as well.

24 Budget: Yoga in the Wild, Washington, USA

This retreat is just a single day outing for $149. You can choose how many days you spend but it’s not a huge getaway. “This single-day outing will have you out hiking up the North Cascade Mountains to practice yoga above sea level. Lunch and snacks, plus everything you’ll need to climb the mountain, are provided.” There are multiple day tours that you can look into if one day isn’t enough for you.

23 Luxurious: Humble Haven Yoga, North Carolina, USA

For $171 per night, Humble Haven Yoga will give you the feeling of being in paradise. It’s a weeklong retreat in the quaint village of Corolla. “With so many options for activities, Corolla still manages to feel like your own private beach town,” says retreat co-leader Suzanne Burns. “The retreat offers all the modern amenities one would need but the environment to completely disconnect and recharge as well.” There is so much to do including using the private pool, hitting up the beach, hot yoga, parasailing and so much more.

22 Budget: Serenity Eco Guest House, Bali, Indonesia

Just when you thought you couldn’t afford a yoga vacation, they come up with one that is only $63 for 3 nights and four days. You will get the authentic yoga experience at the Serenity Eco Guest House in Bali. If peacefulness is what you are looking for, then this eco-friendly destination is what you are looking for. “You can refresh in the swimming pool, play in the golf course nearby, meditate in the Vipassana room, do some horseback riding or go surf on the Canggu beaches.”

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21 Luxurious: Travel the world with Surf Yoga

For close to $2,000 you can have five days of drinking, yoga and fun in the sun. if you are one of those beer yoga lovers, then this is the destination for you. It’s less about relaxing and more about having as much fun as you can. The price includes, “airport transfers to and from the retreat, four yoga classes, snorkeling, three morning beach boot camps, local breakfast and smoothies daily, three nights of dinner and drinks, an SYB tank top—plus lots of photos and videos full of Instagram potential.”

20 Budget: Casa Zen Guest House, Costa Rica

Casa Zen Guest House offers five full days for only $26 a day, you can’t get much more of a bargain than that. Costa Rica is hugely popular when it comes to yoga retreats. “Located at the southern tip of Nicoya Peninsula, it is only 50 meters away from the beautiful beaches of Mal Pas and Santa Teresa.” Your entire stay is only going to cost you $106 for unlimited yoga and that’s a bargain.

19 Luxurious: Haramara Retreat Center, Sayulita, Mexico

At the Haramara Retreat Center, you can have your own cabana that overlooks the ocean. You can spend your time on the private beach or at the infinity pool and enjoys bonfires every night. “Choose from vegetarian or fish meals sourced from local farms, practice yoga twice daily, and learn about martial arts and groundwork (a type of movement meditation).” If you want to spend a little more, you can learn to cook, go surfing, zip lining, have massage or acupuncture.

18 Budget: Omassim Yoga Trail Week, Portugal

This retreat is eight nights for $62 a night. It’s not as cheap as some of the other, but it’s still a pretty good deal. This location is in Ericeira which is a place that attracts a lot of surfers as well. It’s the place to not only have a mindful yoga experience but to get the best waves out there. “Omassim has put together an impressive package that includes 3 vegetarian healthy meals a day, daily Vinyasa Flow sessions, Yin Yoga practice, meditation guidance, surf and yoga props, and even one full body 60-minute massage.”

17 Luxurious: Silver Island Yoga, Silver Island, Greece

Silver Island Yoga offers you the best yoga experience on a private island for $1,150 per person. The island has a gorgeous ancient church, a lighthouse, and more than 2,500 olive trees. The view alone is going to make you want to stay there forever. “Come for week-long holidays with yoga sessions led by hand-picked teachers, stay in characterful whitewashed houses, and enjoy delicious Mediterranean vegetarian meals with local wines.”

16 Budget: Hridaya Yoga Center in Mazunte, Mexico

If you are looking for something a little more intense, then try out Hridaya Yoga Center. You don’t have to worry about expense however because at $22 a night, this retreat will only cost you $515 for the entire 24 days. This retreat is all about purifying the mind and body. You are just doing yoga but you are learning the philosophy behind why we do it. “The package includes 2 vegetarian meals a day, one hour of Hridaya meditation every morning, 3 daily classes on yogic theory, and Hatha Yoga practice.”

15 Luxurious: Ulpotha Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat, Sri Lanka

If money is no object, then you should try out this yoga retreat that costs $3,000 per person for two weeks. The Galgiriyawa Mountains encircle it and it’s the place where you will still find monks living in caves and temples. You will be taught by international teachers at this organic farm. You will sleep in huts in the jungle and have “on-site ayurveda treatments and bathing in a silky-smooth, otherworldly lake.”

14 Budget: Eco-Logic Yoga Retreat, Thailand

Eight days will only cost you $268 dollars at this Thailand retreat called Eco-Logic Yoga Retreat. This is a yoga retreat that is also based on your volunteering some of your time to help out. “You just need to give 3 hours of your day helping out in the farm’s gardens and they won’t only provide you with three meals a day and accommodation, but you’ll also enjoy two daily yoga sessions, traditional Thai massage, a Thai language lesson and Thai foot reflexology.” You are also learning about Thai culture and meeting new people.

13 Luxurious: Big Sky Yoga Retreats, Montana, USA

This yoga retreat combines yoga and horses for $1,975 for four days. The yoga exercises will prep you for preparing for horseback riding. “You’ll practice yoga daily, focusing on your back, hips, and core to help prep the body for horseback riding. Try your hand at cowgirl yoga, where you’ll learn grooming and safety and spend time on and off the horse. You’ll also do in-saddle yoga exercises to help center yourself and learn how to ride or advance your riding skills.

12 Budget: The Kirpal Meditation and Ecological Center, Hawaii, USA

Hawaii is such a gorgeous place to visit and for $63 a night, you can visit this two-day retreat. “The Kirpal Meditation and Ecological Center in Pahoa offers a unique environment to rejuvenate and relax at a very reasonable price in one of the most beautiful places on Earth.” You may feel like two days is short, but you won’t regret your stay there. You will be on a stunning island while you go through mediation sessions, yoga classes, and even partake in the organic fruit trees.

11 Budget: Yogaville Satchidananda Ashram, Virginia, USA

If all you have is a weekend, then this retreat is perfect for you. It only costs $170 for the three days and you don’t have to travel outside of the US. This is a great retreat for beginners as they will go through all the basics with you. “With this indulgent package, you will be having 2 Hatha Yoga sessions a day, daily group meditations, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and various evening programs while getting to know more yogis who have just started their beautiful journey.”

10 Luxurious: Amaite Hotel, Isla Holbox, Mexico

This trip costs $1,499 for five nights in a shared hotel room. All of your meals are covered as well as transportation and you will receive four yoga sessions and four guided meditations. “Set your intentions at the four guided meditations and four yoga sessions. There are also two special sessions with Kelsey Patel, certified reiki master, yoga instructor, and meditation teacher. Head out on a boat for a fishing trip, visit the surrounding islands, take a trip to Yalaha Cenote (a large natural pool), learn how to make ceviche, tour the island, and snap amazing pictures on the nighttime bioluminescence kayak trip.”

9 Budget: Sivananda Yoga, City of Eternal Spring, Vietnam

This seven-day retreat is $35 dollars a night, which is a great price if you’d like to spend more than just a weekend. You will find an authentic yoga experience at this retreat at the City of Eternal Spring, Dalat. This place is said to have perfect weather for outdoor yoga, so all you have to worry about is connecting with yourself. “You’ll have free time to mingle with locals and enjoy the local food out on the town. Kite-surfing lessons, dolphin and whale watching, and paddle boarding are all additional options during your last full day.”

8 Luxurious: Kripalu Center For Yoga and Health, Stockbridge, Massachusetts

There are weeklong retreats or you can stay just a day or two. The price per night is $169 and it will allow you to “take part in yoga classes, hiking, yoga dance, barre yoga, and workshops ranging from visualization to chanting to perfecting posture to sound healing.” You will have personal time to hit up the fitness room, sauna, massage, and to indulge in the all-natural meals. There is a lakefront beach and hiking and walking trails that you can make use of.

7 Budget: Vipassana Yoga Retreat, Greece

Fourteen days in Greece never sounded so good especially for $24 a night. You can spend two weeks there and it will cost you under $1,000. The retreat is actually run on donations, though the suggested donation usually ranges is between $300 and $600. Most Vipassanas are run in exactly the same way, but don’t worry, it’s still a fantastic place to go. “The retreat includes 3 vegetarian meals per day. It is held in a quiet village called Neochorio, where you will learn Vipassana meditation, an ancient technique that emphasizes the importance of mindfulness in your everyday life.”

6 Luxurious: Yoga Synergy Programme, Kamalaya, Thailand

You are going to love this luxurious yoga retreat that goes on for seven days for a price of $2,755. It’s like something out of a fairytale with a sloping ravine that leads to a lagoon. You get “private, daily, one-to-one sessions of classical yoga, and meditation with resident teachers who will tailor the classes to your skill and needs. Between times, you can enjoy divine treatments at the hilltop spa.” It sounds like a very relaxing place that you can really unwind at.

5 Budget: Yogalife Yoga Retreat, Goa, India

A retreat in India will cost you $55 a night and for their week-long retreats, you will only have to shell out $330. India actually has quite a bit of yoga retreats, so finding one that fits your budget is relatively easy. At this retreat, you get “two Hatha Yoga classes a day and daily meditation sessions on the beach. The magic of Goa guarantees that at the end of your stay you will feel an unparalleled sense of lightness and a joyful soul.”

4 Luxurious: Mindfulness Journeys, Morocco

Talk about a gorgeous location to practise your yoga poses. You can spend six nights here for $1,690 and it’s all inclusive except for any treatment. The hotel is on Lake Lalla Takerkoust in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains. “Your day starts with a 90-minute hatha and yin yoga class with Gina Hardy, while early evening sessions are dedicated to meditation with mindfulness expert Brian Hilliard. In addition, you can swim in the pools, go walking, have a hammam and nap.” The nap sounds heavenly.

3 Budget: Mount Warning Yoga Retreat, Australia

If you’ve always wanted to visit the Outback, then you have to try this retreat that’s in Australia. It is an eight-day adventure that will only cost you $24 a night. That’s under $200 to stay in a eco-yoga community. “With daily yoga classes, life coaching, philosophy classes, and 3 daily vegetarian meals, you don’t need much more to have an unforgettable experience. But if you want to fully take advantage of your time here, you can also book a Vedic Astrology reading sitting, swim in the river or treat yourself to a Reiki session.”

2 Luxurious: Artful Retreats, Greece

You get to spend seven nights at the gorgeous private estate of art therapist Penelope Orfanoudaki. The cost is $2,400 and it will include your meals, activities, and transfers. “Mix gentle morning hatha yoga with art therapy. You’ll use the process of art to help you be in the present moment, express yourself and change in whatever way you might need. Expect organic Mediterranean meals with wine and visits to local artists.” It sounds like a very unique experience.

1 Budget: Pleasant Valley Sanctuary, California, USA

For 3 days at $50 a pop, you can explore this California retreat. It’s actually one of the most affordable retreats that you will find in California. Pleasant Valley Sanctuary is a great place to find yoga practices and meditation. “During your stay at the sanctuary, you would enjoy daily brunch and dinner, made from fresh organic vegetables and fruits harvested in their own garden. The conditions in here are perfect for everyone to maintain a flow of sadhana (spiritual practice) and experience a personal and spiritual growth like nowhere else.”

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