15 Things That Meghan Markle Is Worrying About As Her Wedding Approaches

Meghan Markle has a lot on her plate. To be fair, you’re not likely to get much sympathy when you’re about to marry a British Prince–it is pretty much every girl’s dream come true. The whirlwind romance between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry has become the biggest wedding build-up of the decade. The world went nuts back in 2011, when Kate Middleton married Prince William. The Bank of England probably also went a bit nuts, considering the wedding cost a staggering $36 million, according to People, but that’s royal weddings for you.

Meghan and Harry have picked the month of May to tie the knot, and the former Suits actress will have to kiss her Hollywood career goodbye for a life that’s surprisingly strict. If you think celeb squad rules are intense, that’s nothing compared to royals. Meghan has already had to shut down all of her social media, her lifestyle website, plus she’ll have to completely change her wardrobe. Answering to Her Majesty the Queen is a pretty tall order. Did you know People reported that Kate Middleton’s kids can’t even finish their dinner before the Queen? Bridezilla dramas are fine for C-list reality stars. When you’re marrying the fifth in line to the British throne, you’re not just becoming a national treasure. You’re becoming a walking spokesperson for the country. Meghan isn’t even British yet.

If you thought Meghan spends her days lounging in bed browsing bridal magazines, think again. From Harry’s bachelor party to pregnancy pressure, Meghan’s list of pre-wedding worries is longer than the list of rules she’ll have to follow. Worst of all? She’ll never be able to talk about it. As she enters a life of smiling and waving, here are 15 major worries Meghan is having as the wedding of the century approaches… We’ve left the biggest one for last.


Most girls freak out about their fiancé’s bachelor party. Come on. Your fiancé on his own with his buddies, celebrating his last night as a single man? That’s bound to turn from worry to full-blown panic. Having a bachelor party isn’t the first thing you’d imagine the royals get to do, but Prince Harry is doing it– in style. A $10 million Swiss ski chalet is the reported venue, according to The Mirror, and the invite says: “party.” Word is that Mexico was considered as a potential location, but that Prince Harry opted instead for the super-exclusive Swiss resort of Verbier. Everyone from Leonardo DiCaprio to the Beckhams have chosen this fairytale mountain resort for its snow-blanketed magic. Most of all, though, they’re choosing Verbier for its giant Hollywood party scene.

Prince Harry is set to party it up in style in the ultra-swanky Swiss ski resort of Verbier. He’ll be getting up to all sorts in a $10 million ski chalet. The Coco Club has been dubbed “the home of the young, the rich, and the famous.”

Meghan knows that Harry loves her deep down, but what goes on in Verbier stays in Verbier. Harry already has a reputation for being a bit of a “bad boy.” Meanwhile, all Meghan got for her bachelorette party was a farmhouse day of pampering, according to Harper’s Bazaar. And that’s just worry number one…


The Queen is one intimidating woman. The 92 year-old is the longest living British monarch. The Queen is so important, she doesn’t even have license plates, and she’s the only person in England who can travel without a passport. Her Majesty the Queen even has two birthdays–one is her actual birth date, the other is her “official” birthday. When addressing the Queen personally (if you’re allowed), you must call her “Your Majesty,” followed by “Ma’am,” and it must rhyme with jam. The Queen is the head of the Church of England, and even laws in British parliament can’t get the green light until the Queen says “okay.” Meghan will be joining of the most terrifying and powerful families in the world.

The Queen is so important, she doesn’t even need a passport. Everyone must bow to her and address her as “Your Majesty,” followed by “Ma’am.” FYI, that must rhyme with “jam.” Yeah, the Queen is no picnic.

Meghan is already likely feeling judged. The Queen isn’t used to Americans actually joining the family, and she’ll definitely be remembering the fact that Meghan has a divorce behind her. In fact, the whole engagement had to be approved by Her Majesty the Queen. While Brits adore the Queen, spending your days in Buckingham Palace is no joke.


Yup. Every bride-to-be’s worry. To be fair, this pic might give Harry more to worry about, but we didn’t make it up. There is no suggestion that Kate and Prince William don’t have a loving, healthy, and solid marriage. They’ve been going strong since 2011, and they just welcomed their third royal baby to join siblings, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. That said, Vanity Fair reported that Kate was “less than pleased” with Will’s 2017 “boys only” party trip to a renowned ski resort. The report stated that Prince William was caught on camera with his arm around the waist of a mysterious brunette at a high-profile nightclub.

Kate Middleton was “less than pleased” when Will was awkwardly filmed at a club with his arms around a mysterious woman in 2017. Does William have a wandering eye? Same ski resort, same family…

The footage emerged from the ultra-exclusive Farinet nightclub in Verbier–exactly where Harry will be having his bachelor party. To top it off, the timing couldn’t have been worse. Will was partying it up on the slopes just hours before senior royals attended a super-official Westminster Abbey service for the British Commonwealth. Will Meghan have this to worry about on top of the rest?


This one is all kinds of insane. In-laws can be awkward enough as it is. Having the in-laws over for a barbecue can go really well or really badly, but either way, you probably say “hi” with a quick hug or a handshake. Time to check out the in-laws, royal style. Meghan is the same age as Kate Middleton, but it’s quite possible she will have to bow to Kate. Kate’s official title is Her Royal Highness The Duchess Of Cambridge. The British monarchy goes back over 1200 years, and this country doesn’t mess with tradition.

Despite being the same age, it’s possible Meghan will have to bow to her own sister-in-law, Kate Middleton. Kate’s husband is closer in line to the throne, so that bumps the couple up to a higher rank. Bowing to your sister-in-law at 36 years old? Wow.

Both Kate and Meghan have already had to bow to the Queen. That’s a given. FYI, everyone in the UK has to do that when they meet the Queen (who always wears gloves and won’t fully shake hands with “common people.”) Meghan has apparently already aced bowing to the Queen, according to People. Curtsying to Kate, though. Isn’t that kind of going to get in the way of the #sistervibes? Oh, right. These are the royals. Everything is crazy.


The pressure to become a mom is big enough in regular celeb land. The minute a couple get hitched, fans swoop down on them with the baby pressure, and a fair few will get pretty angry when there’s no crib. The Kardashians are one giant stroller, Scarlett Johansson is a mom, and so are Gal Gadot, Jessica Biel, and Gisele Bundchen. Much like Tinseltown (but a million times worse), the expectation to be a mom when you’re a royal is real. Why? Because the British monarchy works down the bloodline. Kings and queens don’t last forever, and someone needs to take over, right? The Queen is in her 90s, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t keeping things organized.

The British throne works down the family bloodline. Kate Middleton and Prince William just had their third baby. Meghan will face “baby pressure” the minute she’s married.

Most newly married couples take a few years to enjoy those last years of freedom before the spaghetti-flinging monsters arrive. Meghan is already 36, though. Chances are, the world will be wanting at least one baby. These two won’t have much time to “just be a couple.” In fact, the pressure for a royal baby will be there the minute Meghan becomes a princess.


Fashion wars are a big enough deal over in Hollywood. At least over there, celebs can choose their wardrobes. The royal wardrobe is a giant “no-no” for Meghan’s former California closet of casual jeans, tanks, and edgy stilettos. Meghan has already had to replace all of it with the very preppy button-down beiges and matching hats. There’s more at stake here, though. Kate Middleton is easily the most fashionable royal around. The minute she steps out of the palace, stylists are fumbling for their notepads, and what Kate wears is a huge deal. Meghan’s wedding is 2.0, but what will the fashion wars be?

Meghan is already being compared to Kate. The hair, the shoes, the wave. Meghan’s formal royal wardrobe won’t just be under the microscope for being a royal. Everything Meghan wears will be compared to Kate.

Most women get pretty uncomfortable when it comes to out-doing each other in fashion. While it’s a bit of a joke when you look at Kylie Jenner showing off her $400,000 designer purse closet, she can shrug off the competition–or not. That’s the thing. Hollywood celebs have a choice. Meghan will be compared to Kate from head to toe. If some magazine criticizes her? She’ll have one option. Smile and wave.


If you’ve ever seen the royals wave, you’ll know what we mean. Out they come in front of manic crowds, flags are waving, and so must the royals. These people literally have “smile and wave” as their job description. But it’s no Angelina Jolie wave. The Daily Mail has reported that soon-to-be-royals are professionally trained by specialists on exactly how to wave, and they learn from the best. The Queen has been at it since 1953, but the newbies have way less practice. It’s hard to explain without seeing, but it’s kind of a mid-way point between a weird robotic hand wave and trying not to look too formal.

“It’s incredibly difficult to meet everyone’s expectations,” a royal correspondent has said. Meghan will have “smile and wave” as her job description, but it’s no Hollywood wave. It even requires professional coaching.

Meghan is so out of her depth, it’s kind of worrying that she’ll be facing the whole package thrown at her in less than a month. Royals don’t get “days off.” There are no luxury beachfront getaways to Mexico. There’s definitely no chilling by the pool. Brunch? Please. More like royal gala dinners with heads of state. And what do you have to do when the world’s press is watching you step off the plane to meet some President? Smile and wave. Meghan must be terrified.

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Oh, look. Another comparison that means nothing in Hollywood and is a giant deal for the royals. Celeb land goes through marriages like they’re going out of style. J-Lo has three marriages behind her, Britney Spears couldn’t hold out more than 55 hours, and Anna Faris is literally only famous right now because of her divorce from Chris Pratt. What you probably didn’t know, is that members of the royal family aren’t technically allowed to marry divorcees in the Church of England. Kind of messy, considering Meghan has one divorce behind her already. This will be the first time a divorced American marries into the royal family.

Members of the royal family aren’t allowed to marry divorcees in the Church of England. That little hurdle had to be personally approved by the Queen. She could totally have said no.

Meghan didn’t just have to get the go-ahead from Her Majesty the Queen to marry Prince Harry. Despite already being a Christian, Meghan had to be baptized and confirmed by the highest-ranking bishop in England (with holy water from the River Jordan). Meghan’s former marriage to producer, Trevor Engelson was a giant beach party that ended with the two citing “irreconcilable differences,” according to The Sun. Meghan’s divorce will feel like a stain she can’t get rid of, and it’s not the best start.


This one is a major fear for any bride-to-be. Walking down the aisle is one of the most important moments in a girl’s life. Whether you’re a regular person, a Hollywood celeb, or a royal, you do not want to mess it up. Regular people might have their friends and family watching. It’s a similar deal with celebs, although there, you might be looking at a star-studded guest list. When you’re marrying royal style, that’s a staggering 24 million people watching you walk down the aisle. That’s how many people watched Kate Middleton and Prince William do it, according to The Sun. Kate pulled it off flawlessly, but seriously, nerves much?

24 million people watched Kate and William walk down the aisle. That figure is likely to be way higher for Meghan and Harry. The dress, the train, the veil. Not tripping up. Could she be more panicking?

Everyone is hoping that the big day will go smoothly. Meghan will turn up in a beautiful gown (although it’ll immediately be compared to Kate’s hand-made lace panel dress), and she’ll walk down that aisle to marry her Prince Charming. Meghan is only human, though. Can you imagine how embarrassing it would be for Meghan to have the entire world watching, and actually trip up and fall flat on her face? Eeep.


Most Americans live in fear of the IRS. Filing your taxes is serious business, and one tiny mistake can land you in huge trouble. So what happens when a US citizen moves to the UK to become a member of the royal family? Well, aside from the millions you’re walking into, there’s also a giant mess of tax worries. According to CNBC, Meghan will still have to pay taxes to the United States even though she’ll never live there again. This is not something you want to be worrying about when you’re supposed to be enjoying newly married life. Meghan has the choice to renounce her US citizenship, but her ties to her home country are really strong. Would you want to give up being an American if it’s where you were born? Meghan will still have to pay the US government taxes, despite being married to Prince Harry.

Meghan could pay $104,100 a year to the US government. Federal tax laws aren’t something to mess with, and the only option out for Meghan is to give up being a US citizen.

Harry’s communication secretary has confirmed that Meghan has already started the three-year process of becoming a British citizen. “She must be compliant with immigration requirements at all times,” he told The Daily Mail. Yeah, “compliance.” Looks like that’s a word Meghan will have to get used to…


Being a royal has a lot of pros. Let’s see: having a royal princess title? Check. Eating gourmet food in a glittering palace? Check. Being adored and worshipped by an entire country? Check–but also not check. Even Kate is feeling the pressure on this one. Being compared to Will and Harry’s late mother, Princess Diana is a reality any British princess has to face. Nicknamed “The People’s Princess” because she was just that popular, Princess Diana was the symbol of British identity until her tragic 1997 passing in a Paris car accident. The outpour of grief from the British nation following the loss of Princess Diana was the biggest mourning display the country had ever seen–the flowers outside Buckingham Palace literally went on for half a mile.

The outpour of grief following the loss of Princess Diana has meant that every princess will be compared to her. Kate has joined the club, and now Meghan will. “Kate and my mother would have been best friends,” William said about Kate.

Okay, so that gives Kate the seal of approval. Still, it doesn’t mean that her husband’s late mother isn’t a daily reminder of what she’s being compared to. At least Kate is British. Meghan is a fish out of water here. And yet, she’ll be compared to Princess Diana the minute she walks down that aisle.


Moving away from the family is difficult for everyone. If you’ve ever had to leave your hometown, you’ll know how it feels to just miss “the little things.” Hanging out with your brother or sister, grabbing coffee with your mom, and the most important place. Home. Meghan was born and raised in Los Angeles, which worked out pretty well during her Hollywood career. The most Meghan had to face to see her family was a traffic-packed Pacific Coast Highway. Meghan has already made “the big move” by leaving her native America behind, but the bond is deep. Being a royal may mean you get to jet around the world, but it sure isn’t “to visit the family.”

Meghan had to pass a citizenship test to become a British citizen. Her native Los Angeles is halfway across the world. “Will you feel homesick?” probably wasn’t one of the questions Meghan was asked.

Since Meghan is already facing super-strict limits on what she can say in interviews, she hasn’t had the chance to say whether she’ll miss her mom and dad. That girl has a good heart, though. The Daily Mail reported that a frantic Meghan will face “inner torture” as she misses her family. And that’s not the only thing she’ll be missing…


Celebs don’t just live in California for the fame. They’ve picked it because it’s glamorous, by the ocean, and guaranteed to give those California rays. England is one of the cloudiest, dullest, rainiest places on earth. British summers basically offer a week of decent weather– if you’re lucky. Meghan’s former days as a Hollywood star gave her plenty of opportunities to bask in the Beverly Hills sunshine, but there’s none of that in London. Just look at what she’s wearing. Wool and cashmere coats, gloves, and hats.

British people don’t complain about the weather for nothing. London is rainy, cloudy, dull, and cold. There’ll be no California sunshine for Meghan. Definitely no McDonald’s.

While movies like Notting Hill and Love Actually paint London as this super-romantic fairytale city, that couldn’t be further from the reality. London doesn’t get much sun. Even if it did, Meghan would be spending her days indoors doing the “meet and greet.” The cut-off denims and swimwear have already been banished for life, and this Californian native is going to have to get used to a lot of drizzle. British people actually get excited when the sun shines. Poor Meghan won’t even be allowed to joke about it.


This one tops every list of Biggest Culture Shock that Americans face when they land in England. Ever wondered why everyone “loves the British?” Because they’re sarcastic. Razor-sharp wit and sarcasm is a huge part of being British, and they win at it, hands-down. Prince Harry is super-sarcastic, as is his brother, William. It can be hugely confusing for Americans, though. Did they really mean it? Were they just kidding? Do I smile?

Sarcasm is literally the trademark of being British. “It’s fantastic to have another addition to the family,” Prince Harry said. “I only hope my brother knows how expensive my babysitting charges are.” Slick.

The reality of living with British sarcasm may not sound like the biggest deal in the world. Still, just picture any moment when you’ve not been sure if someone was making a joke or not. It’s kind of awkward, right? Now imagine that you’re sitting down to dinner with the Queen and a zillion officials. There you are smiling and looking the part. Then someone makes a joke. The option to mess up the response is precisely zero. The sarcastic comments just roll off Harry’s tongue. Meghan? She’ll have a lot to learn. Which brings us to her biggest and greatest worry…


Talk about a tall order. Gearing up for becoming a princess is one thing. Realizing that you’re technically in for the chance of becoming the Queen of England? That’s a whole different story. The next in line to the throne after the Queen is her son, Prince Charles. Prince Charles is no spring chicken, though. It keeps running through the family, but Prince William and Harry are both on the list. In a pretty aggressive move, any kids Prince Harry and Meghan have would actually knock the current waiting list out the way. Yes, we’re warning you, they do have fancy titles. Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie would all be cast aside, if and when Meghan and Harry have babies.

The line of succession could get pretty real, as Prince Harry is fifth in line to the throne. Meghan and Harry’s kids would also push other royals aside. Meghan could face becoming Queen.

That sentence just doesn’t need any explanation. If you think being the Queen is some kind of joke, you’re seriously deluded. The head of the British Commonwealth doesn’t just have power over England. There’s a ton of other countries, too. You’d also be Head of the Church of England. All this for a TV actress who found love…

Meghan mania is only getting bigger. If you’re married or know someone who is, hit share so they can see this list for a reality check. If anyone you know loves the Brits or the royals, they need to read this. Leave us a comment too–we want to hear what you think about it all.

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