15 Things Madonna Doesn’t Share About Her Daughter Lourdes

Lourdes Leon could have easily become the next Madonna. After all, she’s got her mother’s good looks, her sass, and of course, her star power and connections. And while there have been plenty of other celebrity kids who have followed in their famous parents’ footpaths, that hasn’t been the case with Lourdes at all. Instead, she’s been doing her own thing and trying to make a name for herself without her mother’s help.

As a public figure, Madonna has always been pretty wild, brass, and someone who hasn’t been afraid to push the envelope or cross boundaries in the entertainment world. But behind closed doors, she’s an entirely different person. Simply put, she’s a strict parent. Growing up, her children were not allowed to watch television (but could watch movies), were expected to help backstage at her concerts and always had to put their schoolwork first and before their extra curricular activities. In other words, Madonna was a strict mom with very high expectations.

Yet, Lourdes has managed to do some things that her mother certainly wouldn’t approve of. To make matters worse, she’s also been caught by the paparazzi doing things that many other kids her age do. Here are 15 things Madonna does not share about her daughter.

15 She Was Caught Doing Something No 15-Year-Old Should Do

Madonna made it no secret that she wasn’t too happy when she saw a photo of her daughter Lourdes smoking a cigarette at the age of 15. And to make it worse, it was the paparazzi that caught the young celeb kid in the act. Madonna was asked about the incident during a television interview, much to her dismay. Not only was she embarrassed, but she was forced to deny that her daughter picked up the nasty habit from her.

Page Six quoted Madonna as saying in 2014, “Cigarette smoking I’m not very fond of — for anyone. I don’t approve of anyone smoking cigarettes, most of all my daughter. I don’t smoke. That’s just an accessory, Harry. There’s a difference. She smoked that cigarette before I did that video, so she didn’t get that from me, OK?”

14 Her Boyfriends

Technically, Lourdes isn’t a celebrity. She’s only a celebrity kid, who just happens to be in the spotlight thanks to her very famous mother. And because of her association to the Queen of Pop, she’s often hounded by the press and the paparazzi about her personal life and the everyday things she does. Because she’s Madonna’s daughter, everyone wants to know everything there is to know about her.

Yet, Lourdes is very, very private when it comes to her personal life and of course, her boyfriend. But The Daily Mail did spot her with a mystery man back in August of 2017. They wrote, “This was not the first time the two have been seen together, back in July of 2016 the duo were spotted on a date, with the tattooed fellow wearing the same sandals with socks.” Up until press time, this mystery boy toy of Lourdes’ has not been identified.

13 She Dated Timothée Chalamet

About this time last year many people didn’t know or recognize the name Timothée Chalamet. He just became a household name thanks to his riveting role in the coming-of-age film, Call Me By Your Name (even though he did star in Interstellar and had a role in Homeland too). But believe it or not, Lourdes Leon and Timothée were actually an item back in 2013. That’s right – Madonna’s little girl also has a taste in particular men, especially when it comes to Hollywood actors!

According to Entity Mag, the gorgeous couple only dated for one year and broke up in 2014. They actually met at La Guardia High School and were spotted by the paparazzi locking lips on several occasions. Right now Lourdes isn’t dating anyone, according to the media.

12 But They Are Still Friends

Lourdes might have kicked Timothée to the curb, but they are still friends that keep up with each other’s lives, apparently. One can only wonder what happened that made these two split, as they are obviously a very interesting couple together. They are both young, talented, gorgeous, and they have enough star power that would make the rest of the celebrity world implode.

Just Jared also reports that Lola likes to support Timothée in his projects and is one of his biggest cheerleaders (right next to his mom). When asked if Lourdes had seen Timothée’s film, Call Me By Your Name, the actor responded rather bashfully, “She hasn’t seen it yet, but she’s excited to. She teases me about the public appearances… the movie itself she’s very excited about and the reception it’s been getting is only a great thing. It’s like the public appearance stuff around it, like some of the late night things I’ve done. I get made fun of.”

11 Her Eccentric Style

If there is one thing that Lourdes has worked hard on in the last several years, it’s to show the world that she’s not the same person that her mother is. She’s got her own life, her own interests and of course, her own style.

As Teen Vogue put it, “With a mother who’s been an inimitable fashion influencer since the ’80s, it’s only natural of us to expect that she’d solidify her own trendsetter status early on. In her formative years, she loved to experiment with everything from funky socks and patterned leggings to neon blazers. As a teen, she stepped into an edgy phase full of ripped tights, moto jackets, and über-cool combat boots. And now, as she enters her 20s, we’re seeing a whole new side of Lola’s style, and fashion-centric business ventures to match.”

10 Her Lavish Vacations

When you’ve got access to your mother’s bank account (supposedly) it shouldn’t come to anyone’s surprise that Lourdes and the rest of Madonna’s kids like to treat themselves to lavish vacations. And while they do spend a lot of time traveling the world, there’s one place they visit very often, and it’s Madonna’s old hometown of Miami. Whenever she’s not working on her mother’s tour, coming up with new designs for her fashion lines or going to school, Lourdes loves to hit up South Beach.

Lourdes even has impeccable style on the beach. People Magazine described her South Beach style by writing, “She took a dip in the ocean wearing a black triangle-bikini top and matching bottoms that tie at the waist and accessorized with three necklaces: a choker, cross pendant and beaded chain.”

9 She Attends Madonna’s Alma Mater

Madonna didn’t graduate college herself, but she has always emphasized the importance of a good education for her kids. She was even the one behind Lourdes’ decision to attend her old alma mater, the University of Michigan, which is the school that the young 21-year-old attends today. Lourdes could easily attend any college in the world or spend time in cities like London, Paris, New York City or Los Angeles. But instead, she chose to go to school in the very same state that her mother used to grow up in. Like mother, like daughter, for sure.

And apparently, it’s a decision that Madonna is very proud of, too. The New York Post quoted Madonna as saying, “I want my daughter to go to school there. I keep telling her, Ann Arbor is an awesome place.”

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8 She Used To Work For Her Mom

You would think that with all of the access that Lourdes has to the celebrity and entertainment world, she would become another Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian. But that hasn’t been the case at all. Lourdes isn’t like the other spoiled, rich celebrity kids who act entitled and take everything for granted. That’s because her mother makes her work for everything she has in her life. She even worked backstage during one of Madonna’s last worldwide tours.

According to Us Weekly, Lourdes explained it this way: “Being in the wardrobe department meant me and a few other girls dressed the dancers during the show when they had quick changes. Thirty seconds to totally dress a sweaty dancer can be insane and provoke much anxiety. Doing this night after night was pretty cray, but I loved every minute of it.”

7 She Stays Grounded Unlike Other Celebs

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Lourdes Leon isn’t like the other girls in the celebrity world. Yes, she’s a household name, but she’s not the kind of person who tries to push her way into the spotlight. That’s because she doesn’t have to. Her mother has always tried to build strong work ethics in her children. In addition, she’s always emphasized work over play. Lourdes has even credited her mother for keeping her grounded, despite all of the craziness that surrounds her life.

What’s more, Lourdes doesn’t take anything for granted. Us Weekly quotes her as saying, “It’s really a great experience to be able to work on a large production, traveling around like a family, setting up for an amazing show, and all having the same purpose.”

6 She Is Carefree With Her Grooming

Lourdes might be stunningly beautiful, but she has questionable beauty routines. She’s been slammed for showing off her armpit hair at the beach and in public, no less. According to reports, Lourdes has never made any public comments about her armpit hair but a lot of critics have commented about it on social media. In an article on the Huffington Post, many commenters left critical remarks about her choice.

“Why is everyone making such a big deal about this one person?” an Instagram user asked, defending Lourdes. “She is a human, she is not a robot, and everyone needs to stop being so judgmental and just learn to live with each other, because if you can’t then how are we ever going to make this world a better place.”

5 She Doesn’t Pay Attention To Her Critics

Thankfully, Lola has her mother’s attitude, especially when it comes to dealing with her critics. In other words, she could care less about what they have to say about her. Say what you will about Madonna, but there’s no denying that she’s done a good job of teaching her kids what to expect from the media. Lola and her siblings know that because their mother is Madonna, they are going to get followed and critiqued wherever they go. Luckily, they’ve managed to ignore what their haters have to say. They also know that it’s part of the business and the celebrity circus that the media creates.

People Magazine quotes her as saying, “I have a lot of people judging my every move. It’s important for me to not let it rule my life.”

4 She’s A Model

Yes, there are plenty of supposed “supermodels” out there that only get jobs and campaigns thanks to their famous parents. And yes, Lourdes Leon is one of them, too. But unlike the Hadid sisters, Stella only starred in one campaign so far, and that’s for her mother’s good friend, Stella McCartney back in 2016.

Little do her fans know this, but Stella McCartney’s campaign had a message behind it, too. Us Weekly wrote back in 2016, “The campaign, which promotes self-acceptance and positive mutual support, is a conscious counterbalance to the potentially negative world of social media.”

Plus, Lourdes is very conscious of the things she does and says in public. “I go through this struggle myself, [where] women’s bodies have been made so public that everyone feels like they need to comment,” she told Vogue that same year. “I love when someone doesn’t pretend to be someone they are not.”

3 She Became An Author At Age 7

Model, fashion designer, college student, backstage wardrobe assistant. I mean, there’s nothing that Lourdes hasn’t done or seen yet. Well, you can add successful book author to her long resumé and list of lifelong accomplishments. That’s right: Lourdes became an established author at the age of 7 when she co-wrote a children’s book with her mother. And as luck would have it, it turned out to be a best-selling children’s book, too.

According to Entity Mag, The English Roses is about four little girls who end up becoming jealous of another girl named Binah. They somehow believe that her life is perfect and as a result, are jealous of it. But it turns out that Binah’s life is pretty lonely. We can only wonder where Madonna got inspiration for this book!

2 She Has A Close Bond With Her Mother

When it comes to a lot of celebrities, they want everyone to believe that their life is perfect from the outside. But when it comes to Madonna and Lola, they have no reason to pretend. Madonna is someone who loves being a mother and as a result, she has a very close bond with her daughter Lourdes. It’s always been that way and according to Madonna, she wants to keep it that way, too.

“When I look into my daughter’s eyes right now, I feel that I’m being healed,” Madonna said on Oprah 21 years ago, according to E! Online. “…Because I didn’t have a mother that I could grow up looking into the eyes of, I couldn’t recognize myself in [my mom], I couldn’t see myself in her. So now I look into my daughter’s eyes and I see that recognition, and it is so extraordinary, that feeling, and I think that it is going to heal a lot of the pain that I felt growing up without a mother.”

1 She Has Always Been Spoiled

And yes, Lourdes Leon has every reason to act like a diva. Why? Because she’s always been a spoiled kid. But we don’t mean that in a bad way, at all. That’s because her mother Madonna has always been very conscious of giving her children the world, but not on a silver platter. She’s always tried to keep things in perspective too, for Lourdes’ sake. And so far it’s worked.

She once said, “I do spoil [Lourdes], but I have my boundaries. If she had her way, she’d be eating candy all day. She loves candy. She doesn’t like playing with toys, but she loves taking the top off of every writing implement in my house and drawing all over the walls. Unfortunately, all of my friends do spoil her when they come around. But what can you do?”

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