15 Reasons Why Beyonce’s Life Isn’t As Perfect As We Think

Beyoncé is one of the most famous entertainers of our time. From when she first burst on the scene as a member of the hit girl group Destiny’s Child until now, Beyoncé is full of talent, beauty, and that overall “wow factor” that never seems to fade. Her hits are chart-toppers and fans simply cannot get enough of the singing sensation. With all she’s got going for her, you would think she’d be on cloud nine 24/7.

While most of Beyoncé’s life is a dream come true, we must remember that celebs are people too, just like you and me — wealthier, yes, but still human. They have their ups and downs, worries and woes, and moments when they are not at their best.

Perhaps she even sees a therapist to help her navigate her emotions to be the best version of herself she can be. Mental health care is just as important as taking care of our bodies, so if Beyoncé does see someone to get through life’s tough times, good for her. And it’s not like she would have nothing to discuss with a therapist. We’ve seen Beyoncé’s life play out in public, and not everything has been a ray of sunshine. When stars are under the microscope, we can find out things about them that they just can’t hide. Here are 15 reasons why Beyoncé has her therapist on speed dial (in our minds). As perfect as her life may seem, Beyoncé has had her fair share of struggles and heartache.

15 She Feels Bad About Ditching The Girls From Destiny’s Child

When Beyoncé was part of the girl group Destiny’s Child, it was all about teamwork and collaboration. Sure, Beyoncé was the “lead singer,” but the girls were a trio (in their final configuration) and their sound was unmistakable. But the time came when Beyoncé wanted to go it alone, so she left the girls to branch out on a solo singing career. The others did the same, but their success seems like a blip on the radar compared to what we’ve seen from Beyoncé. And she is surely proud of herself. But deep inside, she must feel guilty that she is doing so well, and the other members of the group didn’t reach such levels of stardom. Whenever Beyoncé wins an award or sees one of her songs hit number one, she may celebrate, but she may also follow up the champagne and partying with a call to her therapist. It can be lonely at the top.

14 She Regrets Recording “Bootylicious”

The song “Bootylicious” was a major Destiny’s Child hit, making the butt-based word a household term. If that’s the way you talk to your family members. But who knew the word would become so widespread? No pun intended. Heck, “bootylicious” even made its way into the dictionary. Beyoncé regrets using the word and has been quoted as saying she would have given “bootylicious” a different meaning if she had known it would become so overused. But what else could “bootylicious” really mean? Beyoncé ought to accept the fact that her made-up term was so widely appreciated. Again, no pun intended. But whenever she feels the “Bootylicious” blahs, Beyoncé can dial up her ‘round-the-clock therapist to get to the bottom of the issue.

13 She Has Marital Issues

Beyoncé’s husband Jay-Z told the world he wan’t the best husband, but they decided to stick together and work it out. The two live their lives via their music, so their lyrics were as telling as his confession. But even if you forgive, can you really ever forget? Beyoncé is a strong woman, but even she must relive the scandalous situation over and over in her head. She wonders what “Becky with the good hair” is up to and if her man will remain faithful from this point forward. We hope she has a therapist to talk her through the moments when she feels like she wants to give up on her marriage. Broken trust can be the hardest thing to repair in a relationship. Let’s hope Beyoncé calls her therapist before she calls it quits.

12 She’s Had To Overcome Her Shyness 

One would think a huge star like Beyoncé would be super outgoing and extroverted. A social butterfly, some may say. She may seem that way now, but as a kid, she was painfully shy. She only had a few friends — something that’s hard to believe considering she has fans from all over the world now. To help Beyoncé gain confidence, her parents enrolled her in dance class. Boy did that turn things around! But even an outgoing woman may still have that shy little girl inside her. When she feels timid and afraid like she did when she was a little one, Beyoncé may need to call her therapist for a much-needed pep talk. With a convincing confidence boost, Beyoncé can shake off the shyness and become that superstar she knows she was meant to be.

11 Her Dad Is Always Talking About Family Drama

Mathew Knowles was Destiny’s Child’s manager and has been a major force in Beyoncé’s career for years. These days, he only plays the role of “dad,” but he’s still all up in her business instead of minding his own. When it comes to private family matters, Mathew is often the first to blab delicate info to the press rather than letting Beyoncé do things on her own terms in her own time. For instance, it was Mathew who let the world know Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s twins were born via Instagram before Beyoncé or Jay-Z shared the news publicly. It’s one thing to be excited to be a grandpa again, but it wasn’t his place to share such private and personal information. Beyoncé must chat with her therapist about her dad and his behavior. He needs to respect her privacy just like she seems to respect his. When you’re the dad of a star, the parent-child rules need to be altered accordingly.

10 She Can’t Get Past The Solange Elevator Incident

Who could forget that heated elevator incident between Beyoncé’s sister and Jay-Z? The camera footage told a sordid story that made attention-grabbing headlines. And just like we will never forget the wrath of Solange, neither will Beyoncé. Sure, that episode is in the past, but it doesn’t mean it gets erased from our minds. Every so often, Beyoncé must replay that altercation in her mind, making her feel like she must choose sides between her sister and her husband. They may have mended fences, but the memory will never escape. A sisters’ bond is one of the strongest there is, but if Beyoncé wants to keep her marriage together, she’ll need to figure out how to get past the elevator incident seen around the world. Maybe a therapist can provide a strategy for coping with the chaos.

9 She’s Scared Solange Will Steal The Spotlight 

Beyoncé is no doubt the bigger star when you compare her to her sister Solange, but fans can be fickle. What if all the die-hard Beyoncé fans grew tired of her and started to seek out a new sound? Solange is in the music biz too, and she could easily grow more popular as music trends and fads change, as they always do. Beyoncé may worry that she will become the laughingstock of the entertainment industry if her sister were to become the “queen bee” of the Knowles family. Beyoncé’s therapist could help her come to grips with this unlikely but possible turn of events. But if Solange is a devoted little sister, she will hire Beyoncé to sing backup. We can hear the other members of Destiny’s Child laughing with revenge under their breath.

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8 Kanye West Embarrassed Her 

Remember when Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech when she won a music award? Who could forget? He wanted everyone to know that he felt Beyoncé was more deserving of it than Swift was. Not only was this totally out of line and super-rude to Swift, but it put Beyoncé in a totally awkward situation. On the one hand, Beyoncé wanted to win but she graciously accepted the fact that Swift was the chosen winner. And it was nice to know that West was on “team Beyoncé,” but there is a time and a place for everything — something West apparently never got the memo for. To this day, it would not be a surprise if Beyoncé relives that memorable and obviously embarrassing moment.

7 The Wig Incident

We all know that Beyoncé has a super hair stylist that does her natural hair like a pro as well as provides her with glorious wigs and real-looking extensions when she wants to go all out and get “diva-licious.” But never would have Beyoncé imagined that her great-looking wig would be involved in a hair-raising situation. It got tangled up in a fan during a concert tour, putting the singer in a potentially dangerous situation. But as always, she was professional about it and Beyoncé said the show must go on and proceeded to finish “Halo.” Was the tangled wig ever wearable again? We may never know, but we do think that Beyoncé needed some serious therapy after realizing she could have been bald as an eagle for her next city stop.

6 She Had An On-Stage Tumble

Even a pro like Beyoncé is not immune to an on-stage snafu. She fell nearly flat on her pretty face while performing in a concert in Orlando. Falling in general is embarrassing, but imagine doing it in front of thousands of onlookers? Beyoncé didn’t let her embarrassment get the best of her, though, and she got right up and rocked the stage like a shining star.

She let the fan-filled crowd know that a little fall would not let her fall from grace.

Sure, she must have looked like a fool, but when she brushed herself off and finished the live performance flaw-free, the “beehive” must have been buzzing with excitement. But whenever Beyoncé feels a bit wobbly, she can always call her trustworthy therapist to straighten her out.

5 She Worked A Regular Job Like Everyone Else

Everyone’s got to start somewhere, right? But who knew that before Beyoncé was an award-winning, worldwide singing sensation, she worked at a beauty salon part-time. Beyonce used to work for her mom at her salon sweeping up hair. She would even practise and perform at the salon and would even ask clients for money. Her parents believed in her so much, that her father quit his job to help Beyonce become the star they knew she would be.

“It was very stressful because we went from having two really great incomes to having one. We had to scale down the house.

Sell the cars. It was a really tough time for us,” said her mom.

4 She Has Stage Fright So She Taps Into “Sasha Fierce”

Beyoncé has famously revealed that when she is on stage her persona goes from “Beyoncé” to “Sasha Fierce.” It is because she has stage freight and her alter ego is a super-confident woman with tons of sass and self-assurance. We’d love to think that Beyoncé could be as fierce as Sasha is, but if she needs the make-believe name to bring out her inner-diva, so be it. But maybe a therapist can help her get to the root of why she is so shy and frightful in the first place. She is so talented and beautiful and has so many fans on her side. She has no reason to question her ability to rule the stage, no matter who is watching. Sasha Fierce is a pretty cool name though. Too bad her parents didn’t think of it first!

3 She Hurt Her Ear On Stage

During a concert in Brooklyn, poor Beyoncé hurt her ear worse than Mike Tyson ever could have. Her big earring ripped through her little lobe and the injury made a mess on stage. Fans in the audience were horrified but Beyoncé didn’t break a sweat. She sang on, blood oozing, vocals booming. What’s a little earlobe accident when the music is live? We do not know if the lobe healed on its own or if Beyoncé needed a few stitches, but she handled that on-stage mess like a champ. Next time, she ought to wear delicate studs rather than something as heavy and dangling as what she wore that fateful night. But she may still have nightmares about the ear-tastrophe. She can call her therapist for advice on getting through that scary moment’s memories. Can you ear me now?

2 She Lost Her Mentor 

When Beyoncé was only 15, her mentor, Andretta Tillman passed away due to cancer. Losing someone you love and who was so influential must have been heartbreaking for Beyoncé, especially since she was so young at the time. Cancer touches so many people’s lives, but it doesn’t make losing someone close to you any easier. Even to this day, we suppose that Beyoncé thinks of Tillman and wishes she was still here to advise her and see where her career has gone. If not for Tillman, perhaps Beyoncé would not be the superstar she is today. Whenever Beyoncé is blue from thinking about her late friend and mentor, it would be helpful to dial up a therapist to talk through it and try to see the bright side of the relationship that she once had. Beyoncé must have an angel looking down on her.

1 She Was In An Accident As A Teenager

When Beyoncé was just 16, she was in the car with her cousin and her boyfriend. They were in an accident where the car rolled over. This incident must have been horrifying for the kids in the car. Thankfully, nobody was killed, but some of the people involved were hospitalized. The shocking memories of the Houston highway accident must haunt Beyoncé to this day. Anytime she is on the road, she may get flashbacks of the car accident and feel that same scare all over again. What to do? She can call her therapist who surely has tried and true techniques to work through issues such as this. Does she feel safe in her tour bus, though? Let’s hope Beyoncé can travel from city to city without being petrified.

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