12 Photos For #TeamJen (And 12 For Angelina Fans)

The war isn’t over— not by a long stretch. In the biggest love triangle in celeb history, Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie are walking the Hollywood boulevards with an army of followers. It may have been over a decade since Angelina allegedly broke up Hollywood’s golden couple, but the Jen, Angelina, and Brad Pitt story is still going.

In 2005, after five years as Hollywood’s golden couple, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston got divorced. A heart-broken Jen had to face reality: Brad had met Angelina on the set of movie, Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Little did she know they would actually become “Mr. and Mrs. Jolie-Pitt.” Even after Brad and Angelina’s divorce, the #TeamJen #TeamAngie war isn’t over.

Angelina openly admitted that she and Brad “fell in love” during filming, although, the result was embarrassing and painful for Jen. This poor girl has had her personal life trawled out all over the internet, including her 2018 divorce from her second husband, Justin Theroux. Despite Brad’s reports that living with Angelina was “chaos,” Angelina hasn’t had it easy, either. Her 12 years with Brad came to a very public end last year, and at 42, Angie is a single mom-of-six. Whichever side you’re on, we’ve got the pics for you. Here are 12 of Jen’s best for her squad, plus, 12 of Angelina, for those of you still rooting for Ms. Jolie.


At 49, Jen is making more headlines than she did at 29. The Friends actress might have been earning $1 million per episode towards later seasons of the show, but it was full steam ahead for this actress. After earning $1 million per episode in later seasons of Friends, Jen went on to film high-profile romantic comedies.

Aging gracefully is something Jen has nailed. Jen is still considered to have some of the best legs in Hollywood, and in this pic, she’s wiping the floor with the youngsters.

Jen works out hard to stay in shape. She’s a yoga lover, plus, she has a super healthy diet packed with lean proteins, shakes, and plenty of vegetables. If this pic isn’t turning heads, we don’t know what is…


Angelina Jolie is blessed from above. Her name also helps, since “Jolie” means “pretty” in French. Angie’s cherub face and captivating gaze were quickly noticed in Hollywood, although, her real breakthrough was in the Lara Croft: Tomb Raider franchise.

Angie followed a strict diet and fitness regimen to play Lara Croft, and she got every guy on the planet to put down their Nintendos. Angie was hesitant to wear the character’s tiny shorts, but she embraced the role. She even did a lot of her own stunts.

The 2001 movie pretty much launched her career, although Angie did have some earlier roles. Despite being American, Angie had a perfect British accent in it. The movies became way more popular than the video game, and Angelina became a star.


If you haven’t heard of Ross and Rachel, you’re living under a rock. Friends gave us ten whole seasons of this on-screen couple’s love, laughter, and reminders that Ross (played by David Schwimmer) had been in love with Rachel for like, ever. Friends finally gave him his girl.

Try to find a TV phrase that is better-known than, “WE WERE ON A BREAK!” Rachel was beautiful, funny, and witty. Most of all, she had a heart of gold. Friends fans saw them get married, divorced, have a baby, and still find ways to make us laugh. Jen could not look more amazing here.

Rachel’s look definitely evolved throughout Friends. She was always super stylish, though. Of course, having a great and fit body also helps. Jen looks sensational here.


Hollywood starlets have a way of finding their way onto “most beautiful” lists. Noone has done it as much as Angelina though, and she’s been at it for over 20 years. Ange’s captivating look is just as effortless on-screen as it is in magazines, and it’s not surprising that Louis Vuitton chose Angelina to be the face of their luxury brand.

Angelina has been voted “the world’s most beautiful woman” so many times, it’s hard to keep count. Vanity Fair has had her on the cover, and Angelina has beaten everyone. That includes the supermodel, Gisele Bundchen, and Beyonce.

Angelina has a face like no-one in Hollywood. Feminine features, fabulous bone structure, and steel-blue eyes make her an undeniable beauty. Definitely one for #TeamAngie.


As Netflix brings Friends back to us all over again, Rachel Green is officially the biggest character on TV. She definitely was for most of the ’90s and into 2004, when Friends ended with its tenth season.

Jennifer made Rachel Green the TV icon that she is. The “Rachel” haircut inspired millions of women, and every fashion choice Rachel made was copied. We loved her and we still do.

Angelina may have graced the silver screen, but Jen won us over one rickety ’90s TV at a time. Jen had a hard time shaking the Rachel character off, but in many ways, she was Rachel.


It takes a special kind of beauty to still look amazing when you’re in floods of tears. While both Angie and Jen have turned on the waterworks in their movies, these tears are for real.

Angelina wears her heart on her sleeve. She’s broken down in tears on camera when speaking about inequality in the world. To see other people suffering breaks her heart. Even with tears streaming down her face, Angelina still looks beautiful.

Angelina also cried in an interview when she finally opened up about her split from Brad. Despite not enjoying the best press lately, Angelina has a huge heart inside. Keep reading for more of Angie (and Jen).


Looking perfect on-set is all good and well. When you’ve got an army of stylists, wardrobe assistants, and makeup artists on tap, you’re bound to look sensational. Looking great in the street is a whole different story, though. You’re getting snapped by paparazzi who want you looking at your worst, and you’ve got nothing to hide behind.

Jen manages to look camera-ready, despite being a million miles from the on-set makeup artists. Day after day, Jen steps out looking a million dollars, and the internet is full of street style pics of Jen looking on trend.

Jen’s usual wardrobe might be boyfriend jeans and casual tees, but she can up the ante with a cute dress any day of the week. Forget makeup— Jen looks great without it. This series of pics totally proves it.

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Angie is as famous for her movie career as she is for her charity work. While most celebs are comfy in their Californian mansions, Angelina actually gets her hands dirty and helps out. She has traveled to some of the most deprived nations on earth, and she’ll happily camp out in mud huts and tents.

Angelina isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty and show what she’s made of. She visits the many different countries and helps thousands of families in need.

Angelina has been a United Nations ambassador for many years. She also speaks out about the unfair treatment of women in third-world countries. Angelina deserves some serious respect for this.


Oh, Brad. You had them both and now you have nobody. Brad Pitt has had two of the most beautiful women in the world, but he lost them both. Now that he and Jen are both single again, everyone is wondering if they’ll get back together.

This pic would be a great reminder for Brad of what he lost. In 2018, The Daily Mail reported that Jen and Brad were “secretly texting.” A source told The Tribune: “Brad said that leaving Jennifer Aniston for Angelina was one of his biggest mistakes.”

This pic is just one giant reminder of what Brad lost. That said, now that they’re both single, could it be love ever after? There’s a lot of speculation that Brad and Jen are actually set to be. If they are,  it would be great, but so many years have been wasted. We want to hear what you think about these two, especially if you’re #TeamJen. Brad definitely was (once upon a time).


Angie may have gotten some bad press when Brad personally opened up about their “chaotic” marriage, but she’s still a mom. We all know having kids is hard work. Angelina has a total of six, including twins.

Angelina is a mom to six kids. Three are adopted from some of the world’s developing countries, and three are her biological children she had with Brad. They’re growing up to be as beautiful as their mom, and she clearly loves them.

Angelina has been photographed with daughter, Shiloh Nouvel (who is herself now a fashion icon). Angie may have a time-strapped schedule, but she always makes time for her kids.


Jen wins this one, hands-down. Jen has been American’s sweetheart ever since she hit our screens in 1994, on the pilot episode of Friends. Girl-next-door looks and a smile that melted a generation made her the most famous face on the planet. She was most famous for being a sweetheart, though.

Jen became American’s sweetheart virtually overnight. We were hooked on her charm from the moment Friends aired, and decades later, we still adore her. #TeamJen will always have their hearts with this lady.

Just look at that smile. It says “simple charm” like no-one else. Angie may have classic beauty, but Jen wins on the sweetheart front.


This one is hard to beat. Accolades are a dime a dozen in Hollywood, but nothing tops winning an Oscar. Angelina was an Oscar winner fairly early on, after giving a show-stopping performance in Girl, Interrupted.

In 2000, Angelina won an Academy Award Oscar for her powerful role in Girl, Interrupted. The movie gained cult status overnight. In 2009, Angelina was also nominated for an Academy Award in the movie, Changeling.

Angelina was still in her 20’s when she won the Oscar. Jen may have been nominated for various prizes, but Angelina walked home the winner here.


Looking good is hard work, especially when you’re approaching 50. Looking at least ten years younger than her 49 years, Jennifer really embraces her fitness. She’s a known yoga fanatic, and this actress actually runs. Unlike other celebs who post attention-seeking selfies in the gym, Jen keeps it simple.

Jen doesn’t post revealing gym selfies that show off. She eats healthy, works out, and isn’t above taking herself for a run. Yoga bootcamp is one of her favorite workouts, and Jen’s trainer is with her five days a week.

Elle also reported that Jen has a disciplined diet with lots of protein shakes, avocados, and eggs. Jen knows how to be balanced, and she’s a fitness role model for millions of women (and men).


Angelina has always had “unconventional” as her middle name. Although Angie settled into a mainstream life as a wife and mother, her early years had a bit of a wild side. Angelina always took her acting seriously, but she wasn’t afraid of showing her personality.

Angelina chose roles that really let her unconventional side shine. Her pixie crop in movie, Hackers gave a young Angie a chance to shine. Girl, Interrupted did the same thing. Of course, we know she was a total boss in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider.

Angie usually sticks to her usual brown locks, but she’s rocked blonde hair, too. Looking pin-up perfect with a rebel edge, this is a rare shot that’s totally earning its #TeamAngie place.


This one goes down as one of the funniest TV episodes in history. Friends never stopped finding ways to make us laugh, and Jennifer was a huge part of that.

Who could forget the episode where Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe all put on wedding gowns to feel better about themselves? Rachel was trying to convince her current boyfriend that she wasn’t too “clingy.” Of course, she opened the door to him in a big white dressing, saying: “I do!”

Rachel did marry her boyfriend, Ross, and they had a baby girl. It’s been harder on Jen in real life, though. Both her marriages to Brad Pitt and Justin Theroux have collapsed. Still, she made a great bride here.


Whether you’re #TeamJen or #TeamAnge, you probably have trouble keeping your eyes off Angelina. Something her gaze is totally captivating and Angie knows how to work it. She’s played seductive or temptress roles, and she can use her feminine beauty to her advantage.

Angelina has played spy roles, action heroes, and humble mothers. Her captivating gaze always shines through, and those eyes are piercing.

This 2008 pic is from the movie, Wanted. Presumably, that was a word that Brad felt when he “wanted” Angelina after meeting her on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith.


Pulling off leather when you’re in your 40’s can be a huge hit or miss. Age is just a number for Jen though, who looks absolutely sensational in leather. Although she was happy with her second husband, Justin Theroux, here, their marriage didn’t last. Jen may have lost the man, but she didn’t lose her looks.

Jen really knows how to work leather, even in her 40’s. She’s stylish, sophisticated, and she never looks cheap. Jen clearly caught Justin Theroux’s eye, although, her marriage to him didn’t last.

Jen and Justin called it quits earlier this year, and that makes it the second failed marriage for Jen. Considering how amazing she looks in leather though, we’re just scratching our heads wondering: “why?” Do you have a reason?


Angelina sure does know how to turn heads. She wows us every time she steps onto the red carpet, and this pic is no exception. Buttercup yellow perfectly suits her porcelain skin here, and her casually curled locks perfect the look.

Angelina was a ray of sunshine in this buttercup yellow gown at the 2007 Cannes Filmes Festival. Angie looked a million dollars here, and the light color really contrasted other celebs, who were wearing the usual black.

Angelina has a special place in her heart for sunshine, love, and warmth. She’s welcomed three children into the world and adopted three more. This dress perfectly reflects her personality, plus, it’s one of her most stylish looks. Hello, #TeamAnge.


Admit it. Rachel was hilarious as Joey Tribbiani’s roommate on Friends. Rachel was casual, funny, and always up for a laugh. She was also incredibly caring. Even the neat freak, Monica Geller, had a hard time saying goodbye to Rachel.

Rachel ate spaghetti off the floor with her roommate, Joey. She was also always there for her former roommate, Monica. Rachel left magazines out for Monica and drew her little notes on the bathroom mirror. Jen made Rachel an awesome roommate.

Rachel and Jen are different women. Still, Jen played Rachel so well, that viewers felt that they were the same person. We would totally want Rachel as our roommate, and every person on #Team Jen would give their left arm for it.


#TeamAngie groupies will always love Angelina, regardless of age. At 42 years old, Angelina is still up there with the world’s most beautiful women, but she sure was a stunner in her 20’s. Brad hadn’t met her then, but we’re assuming he wishes he had.

Angelina looked fresh and stunning here with her ex-husband, Billy Bob Thornton. She was also brave enough to rock leather pants and a tattoos to a red carpet premiere. Go Angie!

Angelina is probably the only person in Hollywood who managed to rock the face of a strong woman and an innocent child all at once. Not surprising then, that most guys (and girls) have Angelina as their dream girl.


Hollywood used to be about outshining other stars on the red carpet. Times have changed, though. Casual style is important and street style is solidly in. Jen has so much casual style, we don’t know where to start.

Jen might be 49, but her street style takes 20-somethings and wipes the floor with them. Casual tees, boyfriend jeans, and leather belts are her signature style. Jen looks fabulous.

Unlike pretentious celebs, Jen doesn’t flaunt her money through her wardrobe. Sure, she owns designer purses, but she isn’t a Kardashian. Bootcut jeans, blazers, and effortlessly chic dresses are her trademarks, and we love it.


Angelina has been a United Nations Ambassador in ways that show she’s in it for real. Plenty of other celebs like Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande have shown their charitable sides, but none have done it quite like Angelina. After years of her service as a Goodwill Ambassador to the United Nations, Angelina was appointed Special Envoy in 2012.

Angelina’s dedication to charitable causes goes way beyond putting her face to charity for a good reputation. Angie has campaigned for children and womens’ rights, plus, she’s spent weeks at a time living with the world’s poorest people.

Angie isn’t in it for the media coverage. Her heart sits with people who live in countries where they can’t speak for themselves, and Angelina is determined to put the world right. Doing that when you’re a mom is hard work.


Every Friends fan out there will know what this one means. In an episode that defined a generation, the Friends finale saw Ross and Rachel finally find their way. Rachel had made the difficult decision to accept a job offer from Louis Vuitton. But it meant she had to leave New York City for Paris.

The final episode of Friends saw a frantic Ross, wondering if Rachel would ever get off the plane (after her on-board voicemail got cut off). In a moment that melted a generation, Rachel just stood there in Ross’ doorway: “I got off the plane.”

Millions of us watched the final episode. If you did, admit it, you cried. Jen had pulled off ten seasons of Friends. Even in the final moments, she looked absolutely perfect. We miss her so much.


Of all Angelina’s qualities, it’s her million dollar smile that shines the most. It’s had experts analyzing her facial structure, but the conclusion is always the same: Angelina is one of the most beautiful people on the planet.

Angelina’s million dollar smile has been around for over two decades, and it isn’t fading. Angie lights up every room she’s in, and that smile isn’t one we’re going to forget.

So which are you? #TeamJen or #TeamAngie? Do you think that Angelina broke up Brad and Jen’s marriage? Maybe you think Angie deserved the break-up she got. Maybe you think Jennifer Aniston will always be America’s sweetheart. Leave us a comment and hit share, so your friends can decide for themselves.

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