10 Beautiful Wedding Invitations You’ll Want To Frame ASAP

It’s wedding season, which means it’s also the time of year that you get invited to nuptials two summers from now (it’s hard to book a venue, OK?). One of my favorite parts of weddings (besides celebrating the marital bliss of my loved ones) is the invites. I’ve received so many cards I absolutely wanted to keep forever, and I found pics of beautiful wedding invitations you’ll want to frame, too. The actual ceremony isn’t the only thing you’ll want to remember forever — don’t let a gorgeous invitation find its way into your recycling.

My apartment is generally poorly-decorated (people say). I move a lot, so I never really know what to hang on the walls. For a while in college, I had a massive poster (and I mean much bigger than a regular poster) of Lena Dunham right at the foot of my bed, so I woke up to an image of her face. I lost that somewhere between moves and never really found another poster quite as good. But I love small cards and pictures because I’m always switching apartments. For this reason, I believe wedding invites make for the best decor. You already have it printed, so you don’t need to worry about going to a shop, and it gets sent directly to you! There’s nothing better.

Read on to find 10 wedding invites you’ll be so excited to frame.

1. A Font To Die For

Can I use that font on everything I write from now on? Can the whole internet permanently transition? And the birds add the perfect touch.

2. Gorgeous Florals

I love how the flowers are coming up from underneath, almost as if they’re literally blooming. Much like the love of the couple that sent this!

3. A Night Romance

I just love the idea of purples and blues being in a wedding invite — it’s dark and gorgeous! I’m already envisioning a misty, sexy reception party.

4. Regal Gold

The bold lines really add to the symmetry of the invite, and gold and blue just make me think of the royals. Which is exactly what I imagine these two will look like on their big day!

5. A Fairytale

This looks like every children’s fairytale I’ve ever read, which is exactly how I want my wedding, so it’s perfect (although this wedding is not, in fact, mine. A girl can dream!).

6. For The Peacocks

The plumage here is incredible, and I don’t even consider myself a bird person! I love the symmetry, and I’m sure whoever picks out this invite will, too.

7. So Many Hearts

Are these two in love? I couldn’t tell from the 8,000 hearts. Absolutely precious.

8. Cartoonishly Cute

I want those characters in every picture frame in my house! And the simple text says everything you need to know.

9. Geometrically Blessed

Well-organized shapes just bring me joy, and that’s all there is to say about that. Besides, the more shades of pink, the better.

10. Tropical Bliss

I can already imagine how green and beautiful the ceremony will be! Plants will be sprouting from beneath my feet.

Wedding invites are a great way for a couple to demonstrate their creativity. They get to show you what’s beautiful to them and invite you to share in their loving ceremony. So, if you get one of these 10 invites — or so many others — consider framing them! After all, the point of weddings is to spread joy, so why wouldn’t you want that in your home?

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