You've been taking your makeup off all wrong – beauty expert reveals the exact way to remove it WITHOUT wipes

WHEN It comes to beauty rituals, there are so many do’s and don’ts it makes it difficult to keep track. 

But one lash and brow expert has come to save the day, and set things straight. 

Emmy, at @Emmycreatesldn, specialises in celebrity-approved treatments that give you a natural glam look with no maintenance. 

She runs her own business, performing lash lift and brow treatments on reality stars from Made in Chelsea and TOWIE, as well as models within the fashion industry. 

One of the biggest problems people have when removing makeup is being able to take off your mascara, without pulling out or damaging your lashes. 

Emmy has now revealed her top tips to help protect them.


She also surprisingly reveals it is better to use oil blends rather than the standard face wipe. 

She says: “Mascaras are becoming bulletproof these days and more than often clients come in thinking they have removed all their mascara but there is still quite a lot left at the root.

“Strong mascaras require more effort getting off and standard Micellar waters just don’t make the cut. 

“Oil blended Micellar waters are perfect to melt away mascara. 

“Milky oil from a glossier is perfect. It even has added castor oil to condition the lashes and brows.

“Enhance your natural features and show off your inner beauty with our brow and lash treatments. 

Strong mascaras require more effort getting off and standard Micellar waters just don’t make the cut

“Our treatments last for up to two months, cutting down your beauty routine and giving you a daily confidence boost.”

She also mentions that brow care is just as important to add into your daily beauty routine as anything else. 

Emmy says: “People tend to forget about brow care. 

“Everyone wants bigger fuller brows but most actually don’t do anything to encourage hair growth apart from leaving the brows to grow for a few months. 

“Part of my daily beauty routine includes my evening ritual of brows.

“I brush a small drop of blended hair oil through on a spoolie brush to condition and strengthen the hair whilst also using a brow growth serum to regenerate new brow hairs in the patchy places.

“I think this is crucial if you want that full brow look, otherwise you’ll be waiting a while for them to grow and even then they aren’t being nourished properly.”

Another tip Emmy swears by is using reusable clothes rather than face wipes.

I can’t remember the last time I ever bought a pack of face wipes, it’s honestly been years

She says: “I can’t remember the last time I ever bought a pack of face wipes, it’s honestly been years. 

“Before I cleanse my skin with my cleansers and toners I always use a reusable makeup remover pad. 

“This helps remove most of my makeup gently and effectively, I pop them all in the washing machine after I’ve used them. 

“I then cleanse my skin with the Cerave renewing SA cleanser which was recommended to me by a dermatologist, followed by my favourite skin creams from Beauty pie.

“Your face will feel super clean and fresh. The face halos are a game changer.”

If you would like to find out more, head to Emmy’s website.

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