You’ve been hanging your washing all wrong – here’s how to stop peg marks and cut down on ironing time

HANGING up you washing is a pretty idiot-proof task, right?

Wrong! Apparently there’s a knack to it, and your way is probably not the right way.

Taking to the Facebook group, Mums Who Clean, one woman asked how she could prevent peg marks on her clothes.

Captioning her post, she wrote: “How to I stop my pegs making this indent in my clothes when I take them off the line?

“I use plastic cheap pegs, should I look at those aluminium ones?”

Plenty of fellow mums came forward with their advice for crease-free clothes when drying them.

One recommended: “Hang everything on coat hangers.”

Meanwhile several others suggested pegging the clothes up “under the arms” so that any creases couldn’t be seen when they were worn.

And other suggested hanging clothes upside down from their seams in order to avoid the dreaded fold marks.

But according to experts at Airtasker, coat hangers are the best way to go if you want to cut down on your ironing.

They say: ““Give each item a good shake to remove creases from the spin cycle then hang to dry on a plastic coat hanger.

"This method eradicates creases in most “quick dry” fabrics but stiff cotton shirts or linen garments will still need a quick once-over with the iron.

“As water drips out of the fabric the weight of the garments will make them dry crease-free."

Not to mention putting clothes away will be a breeze!

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