Your Bridesmaids Will Love These Monogrammed PJs So Much, They'll Actually Want to Wear Them Again

Your Bridesmaids Will Love These Monogrammed PJs So Much, They’ll Actually Want to Wear Them Again

When I started planning my wedding, I kind of forgot that I’d have to spend time on details like what cutlery we should use or what type of tablecloths would match the overall theme. The one thing that I have been looking forward to is my bachelorette party. It’s just a weekend full of relaxing, hanging out with my close girlfriends, and sitting on a beach. (At this particular moment, envisioning that I’m hanging out on a beach is getting me through life.)

For the party, I wanted to get my bridesmaids a cute gift that they can use well after the wedding is over. While I’ve always been a sucker for anything personalized (who isn’t, right?!), I wanted to get a thoughtful gift that also doubles as a cute photo opp during the party. Enter: Summersalt’s Cloud 9 Pajamas. I was aware of the eco-friendly brand because of its swimsuit collection, which has been spotted all over my Instagram feed. I came across the brand’s pajamas ($95) during a press preview, and I was instantly drawn toward them because of the cut and material. The PJs clearly hold up to the name, because they’re truly soft as heck. Plus, for an additional $15, you can get them monogrammed. Read on to get a closer look and shop the pieces if you’re feeling inspired.

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