You could have the eyes of a huntsman if you can spot the tiger among pack of dogs in this fiendish optical illusion | The Sun

LOOK closer at this image – a hunter is lurking in the shadows.

Somewhere in the fiendish puzzle is a hidden tiger among a pack of foxhounds, but only the sharpest eyes will find it.

Tigers are adept at blending in with their surroundings ready to ambush unsuspecting prey.

And that is just what this one is doing in a new ten-second-challenge optical illusion.

That's how long that creators give you to track down the stripey big cat.

Many viewers will reckon it's not nearly long enough as they are left scratching their heads.

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At first glance all the picture appears to show is a pack of 15 or more hounds ready for the hunt.

Where is there room for any other creature?

If you are stuck, try looking in the shadows over on the right hand side.

You might just make out the giveaway stripes that reveal a killer's hiding place.

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If you still can't see it, keep scrolling down for the answer.

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