You Can Now Buy a Louis Vuitton Kite for the Low, Low Price of $10,400

If you’re looking for that perfect belated Christmas gift, or maybe just feel like treating yourself to something extravagant at the end of what has been a stressful year, you’re in luck. Fashion house Louis Vuitton is selling a branded kite for a mere $10,400 (before shipping).

We all acquired a wide range of new pastimes during the pandemic. Maybe 2021 will be the year of the kite?

“The Monogram kite makes a stand-out gift for the outdoor enthusiast,” reads the official product description on the Louis Vuitton website. “This playful piece was showcased at the Men’s Spring-Summer 2019 show.”

The kite measures 13 cm in length, 10 cm in width, and 75 cm in height. It is constructed from nylon, and is available in the brand’s statement brown, featuring the now-iconic LV monogram all over print. The $10,400 price tag includes a red canvas carrying case, which also features the embossed monogram design, to provoke jealousy, admiration or sheer bafflement from your fellow kite-flying hobbyists in the park or on the beach.

This is far from the first time the Louis Vuitton brand has ventured away from clothing and put its stamp (literally) on non-fashion items. Earlier this year, the company released a pair of designer dumbbells as part of its Sporting Goods range. They weighed 6.7 pounds each, and cost more than $2,000 — which seemed about right, given the shortage of workout equipment online during the first lockdown.

More recently, Louis Vuitton has branched out into PPE; its 2021 collection includes a luxury face shield visor which prominently features the same trademark monogram.

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