You can dress stylishly with affordable outfits that look designer, says Jane Moore

DRESSING stylishly for less is quite an art but I reckon this outfit nails it.

It looks like it comes straight out of a designer collection but it is far more affordable.

Leather or “pleather” trousers are everywhere right now.

The classic rock chick black ones are not my thing any more but this warm caramel-coloured pair are very sophisticated.

The three-quarter length means they team nicely with a pair of matching heels for that extra bit of glam.

The patterned shirt picks out the caramel and complements it perfectly, and the trench coat gives you that extra bit of warmth on these slightly chillier, autumnal days.

You can wear it normally or, as shown, just drape it over your shoulders for a more casual look.

This outfit would suit a job interview, lunch with friends, or even a day’s shopping as the shoes are so comfy.

Dolly Parton once said: “It costs a lot of money to look this cheap,” but this outfit turns that on its head by costing little to look great.

  • Coat, £30; blouse, £7, both Primark; trousers, £39.50; shoes, £25, both Marks & Spencer.

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