Wow, Blake Lively May Have Just Sold Me on This Whole Tuxedo Dress Thing

Last night, Blake Lively showed up to a Lionsgate presentation at CinemaCon in Las Vegas and made a very strong case for the tuxedo dress. Please, see for yourself:

Let’s scroll down this look, shall we? At the top of the outfit, Blake wore a very colorful bowtie, which was quite eye-catching, and a classic white button-down. Over all of that was the tux dress, which was navy blue with satin lapels. Then, about a mile down from there (because those legs are killer), Blake rounded out the whole ensemble with a pair of rainbow paint-splattered heels.

Now that we’ve gone through the whole outfit, let’s see another angle:

I have to admit, the tie really threw me off here — the orange and green was a little unexpected. But maybe it’s growing on me now? IDK!! Either way, there’s no denying she looks generally sexy/radiant/amazing/gorgeous in this dress.

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