Woman shares nifty hack to make sure you always get last bit of ketchup out of the bottle – but it comes with a warning | The Sun

WE all know how frustrating it is when you go to use the ketchup and find that it is basically empty.

And while we’ve spent years banging the bottle on the table, or leaving it standing upside down for far too long, it turns out there’s a much simpler way to get out every last drop of your favourite condiment. 

Julia Ryann unveiled her nifty hack in a video on her TikTok profile @juliaryanntiktok.

The trick takes just seconds and works every time – but be warned, you need to make sure there’s nobody in touching distance as it could cause an accident. 

The footage then cuts to Julia turning the bottle upside down and then moving it around in tight, little circles at an extremely rapid speed. 

She typed alongside the post: Julia typed: “Me every time I see a nearly empty confinement bottle after learning about centrifugal force.” 

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Julia was referring to a scientific term that says that “an inertial force appears to act on all objects when viewed in a rotating frame of reference.”

And it appeared to have worked extremely effectively, as the next part of the video shows. 

Then, like magic, Julia poured out some of her favourite condiment and showed just how much was left in the bottle. 

She added in the caption: “Do I look crazy? Yes. Does it work? Yes.” 

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Once her fellow social media users saw it, they couldn’t believe they hadn’t thought of it before. 

One of her 3000 plus followers said: “Okay but you do it in such a smart way I was making full arm length circles.”

Another asked: “Why have I never done this?”

While others said they couldn’t wait to try it on all products they have trouble using up.

One typed: “Omg my shampoo is about to lose this next battle.”

A second said they would be using the trick plenty this summer on another stubborn bottle.

They commented: “Be ready my sunscreen.” 

A third person wrote: “Works with skincare too.”

But some were quick to warn that it could go horribly wrong if not practiced safely. 

One shared how they’d attempted a similar trick with a glass bottle, only for it to end up smashed on the floor, so urged others to be very careful.

While another recalled a particularly messy mistake, as they explained: “I just did this yesterday but I hadn’t closed the cap completely aparently and ended my sandwich-making session with mustard pants.”

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A third said: “Just make sure you hold the cap closed. Learned that the hard way…”

And another added: “Last time I did that I accidentally got ranch on the ceiling.”

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