Woman receives a wrong number text about someone’s cheating boyfriend and sends the perfect response back

A WOMAN mistakenly received a text from a woman revealing all about her cheating ex, but rather than ignore it she sent the best reply. 

A newly-single woman named Angela accidentally messaged who she thought was her pal Jenn, but she got the wrong number and sent it to a stranger.

She shared the text exchange on Twitter, and it turns out Angela hasn’t been having the best time. 

She said: “Hi Jenn! Congratulations with the new baby.

“My news no very good. James and I are over. He cheated on me.

“How are you? Let’s catch up! Angela.” 

The recipient captioned the text: “A wrong number text I did not expect.”

Rather than ignore the message, she decided to reply to Angela and offer her some support. 

Confirming she “went down the #solidarity route”, she replied: “Angela!

“I’m not Jenn but I just wanted to say James sounds like an a*****e. 

“You’re better than him girl! Good luck!”

The exchange has racked up dozens of comments, as people speculated over the text – and James' infidelity. 

One person said: “I feel bad for Jenn in this scenario. She’s just had a baby and is very clearly if subtly being asked to declare allegiance in the breakup of mutual friends. Not cool, Angela.” 

Another commented: “Am fuming at James #TeamAngela.”

A third wrote: “Wow Angela is showing such grace, congratulating Jenn on the new baby and everything when she has James’s antics to deal with…”

This person pointed out: “There's a whole story in that one text…”

And the woman who received the message thought there could be more to the situation that meets the eye, writing: “I know… Does make me suggest maybe Jenn & Ange aren’t quite as close as Ange might like… 

“Hope she’s not fishing for info about that a*****e James. She’s better than this!”

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