Woman mum-shamed after putting kid in a sports club 'to help with his shyness' – but people are saying the same thing | The Sun

A WOMAN has been mum-shamed after revealing she put her child in a sports club in a desperate attempt to ''help with his shyness''.

Some children tend to be more naturally quiet and to themselves – but one mum, who remains anonymous, decided to take drastic action to help her kid open up and become more social.

For this, the parent had come up with the idea of putting her child, believed to be around four to five, in a sports club full of peers of a similar age.

''POV [Point of View]: You out your child in a sport to help with his shyness,'' the mum wrote in the now-viral clip posted on TikTok.

The video, which has since been viewed over 1.8million times, sees thechild looking around and not really interacting with the others in the basketball court.

As others are playing with the ball, the boy is stood in the corner and then takes a look at his parent later on.

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It appears this method didn't bring the mum the results she was after, as she added in the caption: ''We gone have to try something else, any suggestions [sic]?''

Unfortunately for the mum, the reaction on social media was brutal, as people quickly shamed her.

More than 4k people raced to comments, where they all appeared to agree on one thing – singing up a shy child to a sports club was not the answer.

One person said: ''As a shy kid, sports didn’t help. Find an activity he loves and that’s where he open to other kids.''

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Someone else added: ''As a former shy kid , literally anything else besides this.''

A third chimed in: ''As a shy kid, people trying to make me less shy never did anything but create embarrassing and anxious moments that I still remember [sic].''


''As a shy kid, just let him be shy. He’ll still be able to make friends just no pressure, put him in art!'' someone else thought.

''As a former shy kid, I suggest smaller groups,'' a TikTok user penned.

''I thrive in intimate settings. Baby’s overwhelmed and uncertain about his place amongst this chaos.''

Being shy is a something a lot of people can relate to -and the TV star and mum Anna Williamson is one of them, describing herself as ''more reserved and self-deprecating''.

As an expert for the Baby Annabell Ask The Experts campaign, the mum also chatted about when your kid's shyness is something to worry about – from playing by themselves to how they react to the postman.

''A baby who becomes easily overwhelmed or emotionally distressed is likely to become shy as they get older. 

''That may play out in that they are particularly sensitive to changes in their environment, even simple mundane things such as the postman knocking on the door, or going for a ride in the car can cause upset.''

According to her, shyness in a child becomes a concern if they don’t want to engage with other children and prefer to play by themselves all of the time – and this can have crucial consequences later in life.

Anna noted: ''When children interact with their friends they learn fundamental core skills that serve as a foundation for their development such as learning empathy, taking turns, and how to converse and express themselves.

''Children who lack social interaction in comparison to other children their age are missing out on important learning experiences, which in turn can affect their social skills and maturity.''

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The whizz advised: ''As a parent, tuning into your child’s needs, communicating with them effectively, and listening to them will help in reassuring them and reducing any shyness they may be presenting.

''Go at their pace, if your child just needs a few moments to warm up in their own time, don’t rush or mock them, let them be in control of themselves.''

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