Woman disgusted to find CARPET in the bathroom of her husband's grandmother's house – and sparks fierce debate over whether it's a breeding ground for mould

IS there anything worse than stepping out of the shower and onto a soggy bath mat? Yes and it involves encountering a CARPETED bathroom.

That's the exact dilemma one woman has faced after discovering the bathroom in her husband's grandmother's house is fully carpeted – and it's sparked fierce debate about whether the dated interior is a breeding ground for mould.

Sharing a photo of the questionable interiors on Reddit's "Mildy Infuriating" forum, the horrified user citadelinn wrote: "At grandma's for the weekend. Her bathrooms are carpeted."

Understandably surprised by the set-up, the woman then added: "Just went to take a shower, but while I was getting my clothes ready my husband turned the shower on for me.

"The showerhead somehow loosened itself from the wall and sprayed all over the entire bathroom, soaking every available surface and soaking him enough that he had to change clothes. It's going to be a long week."

What's more, others users were equally perplexed by the carpet and were quick to question the practicality.

One replied: "Doesn't that create mould? When the water gets on the carpet when you come out of the shower?"

After all, the combination of warm temperatures and high moisturise levels is almost inevitably going to result in a mouldy carpet.

Another added: "I can't stand carpet in any form because you can never ever keep it clean, having a carpet in a bathroom is an absolute nightmare."

Pointing out the absence of a bath mat, one user replied: "No rug by the shower… so they're just using the carpet top wipe off wet feet?"

Speaking from their own experience, a third replied: "My old townhouse I rented years ago had a carpeted bathroom.

"Soggy would be the best way to describe that bathroom. I'd even say it was perpetually moist." *shivers*

To make matters even more awkward, the woman revealed how her husband's grandmother "hangs her towels INSIDE the shower".

She added: "I didn't know that till I got in so, sorry grandma. Who does this?"

Although it was once a trendy choice in the 1970s, carpeted bathrooms were deemed among the top 10 worst "interior design crimes" by the British Institute of Interior Design last year.

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