Woman blasted as ‘icky’ for wearing WHITE dress to son’s wedding – with people saying it looks like ‘sexy lingerie’ | The Sun

A WOMAN has been slammed for trying to "upstage the bride" by wearing a white, bridal-style lace dress to her son's big day.

The anonymous woman, who is believed to be from the US, opted for a figure-hugging, semi-sheer gown with intricate lace detailing and can even be seen clutching a bouquet of flowers at the wedding.

In an online advert flogging the dress, which was shared to Reddit, the post read: "Mother of the groom or bride gown £598."

Amongst the photos show the mother-of-the-groom standing alongside the bride and their dresses are so similar, it's hard to distinguish who is who.

It wasn't long before the post racked up hundreds of comments online, with many in agreement that the mother-in-law was "attention-seeking" and trying to "upstage" the bride.

"Omg seriously trying upstage the actual bride and groom," wrote one.


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A second penned: "Oh, this always leaves me feeling so icky. Why do mothers of men do this?"

A third commented: "I hate the sexy lingerie wedding dress trend so so much. It’s even worse as a 'mother of the bride' look; I couldn’t have less desire to think about the parents’ sex life."

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Meanwhile, a fourth noted: "Wow. That is legit one of the worst mother of/bride comparisons I've seen.

"Her dress is so much like the bride's dress.

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"What an absolute a**. Good luck to the bride because I foresee lots of problems with this woman."

A fifth agreed: "A less classy version of it too. The cutouts and cupping is so cringe (in an attention seeking way) I'm embarrassed for mother-in-law."

A further added: "She also has a bouquet instead of a corsage. I've never seen that before, but I feel like it adds to the 'bridal look.'"

And one more chimed in: "I looked at the second picture and it looks like it's almost the exact same gown as the bride is wearing. So yeah, talk about inappropriate."

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