Woman bitterly regrets getting her mum to do a lockdown dye job after her hair starts STEAMING then falls out

A WOMAN has shared her lockdown hair dye fail after bleaching caused her locks to steam before falling out.

TikTok user America shared a video of her disastrous DIY dye with her followers after attempting a split hair colour.

In the video she films the process of her mum bleaching one side of her brunette hair so that it could then be successfully dyed a lighter colour.

But as she waits for the bleach to work its magic, America notices that her hair is steaming.

Admitting she was “scared” she then reveals that some of her hair fell out as a result of the bleaching process.

Not only that but the bleached side of her hair had turned a shade of orange giving her no choice but to bleach again.

Though initially she was horrified that her hair still had a faint orange tinge in the end she learned to love it adding “oh wait it’s kinda cute.”

Although America admitted she is now attempting to re-dye it a shade of purple.

The video has since gone viral, receiving over 6.4 million views and almost two million likes on TikTok.

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