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MEGHAN Markle and Prince Harry have been missing out on party invitations because people “frown upon their PDAs”, it was revealed earlier this week.

According to insiders the couple have attracted a few “eye rolls” with their openly affectionate behaviour – something that they have been practising throughout their relationship.

From their I Dos to public engagements Harry and Meghan are rarely seen more than a metre apart, and are often seen holding hands, something that William and Kate rarely do.

But is it all as romantic as it seems? Here body language expert Judi James analyses the couple’s most public displays of affection – and reveals what it really says about the Sussexes.


Their wedding kiss was impeccable and romantic but there were clues that this PDA was the result of some Hollywood styling to enable them to get it so right and so cute in front of so many people.

Meghan leans her head right back in a gesture of submission and Harry kisses her lower lip rather than kissing her full on the mouth.

This trick from the silver screen means they can kiss without messing her make-up.


With Harry carrying the baby Meghan applied this bonding gesture to their PDA to register love that now involved three of them.

It’s a confident, inclusive PDA that showed rewarding affection and protection, suggesting Meghan was also showing approval for Harry’s baby techniques as a new dad.


Harry and Meghan are often seen hand-in-hand but Meghan adds to the signals of intimacy and ownership here by pulling Harry’s hand in towards her own torso and placing her other hand on top of the clasp.

Couples in love use hand touch to communicate and by using both hands Meghan doubles the intimacy.

The eye contact is intense here, showing the couple were immersed in one another and the love between them.

They are so tactile together and so well synchronized in their touch rituals and eye contact, also taking it in turns to be more dominant or protective or flattering and flirty that the sentiments should have to extend to their sex life.

They both seem finely-tuned to the other and keen to keep in constant touch to read any changes of emotions or feelings which is often the sign of a strong marriage.


Meghan doesn’t just use flirty signals to communicate with Harry, she will also use quasi-maternal gestures or rituals like this one to suggest a more nurturing approach to the boy who lost his own mother at an early age.

She sits higher than him here, smiling as he sits cross-legged like a young boy and her extended arm and back-touch look fond and reassuring.


Another red-carpet-style technique from Harry and his actress wife as he breaks etiquette rules by whispering in her ear in public.

This gesture always looks flirty and intimate, as thought the couple are exchanging secret messages. It’s a classic pose for celebrity duos.


The amount of mirroring here plus the easy-going way the couple are entwined together shows strong bonding and like-minded thinking.

They show the sociable eye gaze of an established couple while maintaining several intimate touch rituals to suggest they’d hate to be parted, even for a moment.

Meghan’s legs touch Harry’s and those entwined hands have the added bond of her hand placed on top of the clasp again.


This kiss is performed in public after their wedding but even though it’s a sporting event Harry and Meghan replicate the kiss from their own wedding here.

We saw Charles and Diana’s marriage disintegrating via these polo kisses but Harry and Meghan very emphatically let us know that they’re still as in love as they were on their wedding day.


Meghan is a very confident and successful woman but she often uses this snuggle gesture to look smaller and more vulnerable, while flattering Harry and boosting his alpha profile.

It’s cute and it’s flattering and it usually gets a romantic smile from Harry.


This even-handed linking of their bodies allows them to move about on royal visits, while also creating a tie-sign to allow them to communicate with one another.

The key signal is from its even-handedness though. Both can use those hands one another’s backs for steering and to suggest support, hinting that neither one of them sees themselves as more dominant or more in control.


Harry grabs Meghan’s arm while on what looks like a noisy royal visit to show that he’s there and a safe pair of hands if she should happen to get stuck in the crowds.

He looks very much the protective, lovingly dominant male and her smile in return suggest she appreciates that side of him even if she might not need it.

It’s a fun gesture that reminds her he’s not only around but also available for a spot of bodyguard duty should she happen to need it.

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