What makes Billie and Cillian so attractive and the other celebs separated at birth

AFTER her blonde makeover Billie Eilish has been compared to sex symbol Cillian Murphy.

Siobhan O’Connor reveals what makes them so attractive. And we check out the other celebs separated at birth.

Double act…Billie ’an Cillian

Billie Eilish and Cillian Murphy

With their plump pouts, defined features and pale blue eyes, Billie and Cillian are scientifically perfect. Here’s why . . . 

BLUE EYES: Billie sang about “Ocean Eyes” and research shows blue eyes are favoured by most. In a YouGov poll 34 per cent voted blue the most attractive.

HIGH CHEEKBONES: In women these are a sign of sexual maturity, while men such as Cillian with high cheekbones have been selected by females throughout history – a sign of their strength. They are also associated with trustworthiness, according to a 2014 study.

FULL LIPS: Scientists say a plumper pout indicates youth, vitality and health. As we age, our lips thin, while illnesses can cause dryness or discolouring – not ideal when looking for a partner.

BUSHY BROWS: While these are often seen as masculine, scientists at Oakland University in Michigan found that bushy brows on women were considered very attractive – possibly because they are associated with higher levels of testosterone and fewer hang ups about having sex outside a relationship.

Cillian and Billie also have flat brows, with the arch close to 14 degrees – considered the perfect shape to frame the face.

STRONG JAW: The gods and goddesses of Ancient Greece were attractive if they had sculpted jawlines – and contoured faces are still much admired. In men, it is said to indicate a higher level of testosterone, while in women, it evokes power and maturity.

PROPORTIONS: Facial perfection is all down to the “golden ratio”, an equation used by Renaissance artists for portraits.

Cosmetic surgeon Dr Julian de Silva, based in London’s Harley Street, says: “Billie and Cillian’s facial proportions are in line with the golden ratio which quantifies their objective beauty – their symmetry and alignment of features makes them appear more attractive.”

Simply chin ’n’ bear it

Natalia Dyer and Timothee Chalamet

Hollywood is calling for both these young stars.

With chiselled jawlines and pixie noses, Stranger Things star Natalia, 26, and Little Women’s Timothee, 25, have an extremely similar, striking look.

If they got together, just imagine the children.

Game of, er, clones

Sophie Turner and Boy George

These two could Turner heads. Culture Club singer Boy George, 59, said that Game Of Thrones actress Sophie, 25, would be an “interesting” choice to play him in upcoming biopic Karma Chameleon.

All she needs is a fedora and bit of eyeliner.

Look Beck in mirror

Kate Beckinsale and Ryan Reynolds

With his close-set brown eyes and oval face, Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds, 44, is a dead ringer for Kate Beckinsale, 47.

He has spoken about his striking resemblance to the British Pearl Harbour actress, claiming it’s like “looking in a mirror”.

Bro for it, Daniel

Jennifer Connelly and Daniel Day-Lewis

Fifty-year-old actress Jennifer starred opposite David Bowie in 1986 fantasy film Labyrinth, where she was on a quest to rescue her brother.

Her sibling’s role should have been played by Daniel, as the 64-year-old Brit does have a remarkable family resemblance.

Face it, they're same

Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber

Belieb it or not, these two are not related, despite having almost exactly the same face.

In 2016, Wrecking Ball singer Miley, 28, sent a birthday message to her popstar pal Justin, 27, which included a mash-up of his face with hers – and the likeness was uncanny.

Pouts are lip synch

Scarlett Johansson & Christopher Walken

Back in the day, a young Christopher Walken had the exact same pout as Avengers star Scarlett Johansson.

In an old snap, The Deer Hunter Oscar-winner, who is now 78, looks like Scarlett’s twin. Will the 36-year-old actress keep up with his dashing looks?

Begins with grins

Julia Roberts and Steven Tyler

Aerosmith rocker Steven, 73, could easily be mistaken for a Pretty Woman, particularly one played by Hollywood actress Julia, 53.

There are 20 years between them but they can both light up a room with that identical super-wide grin.

Cruise that girl?

Sandi Toksvig and Tom Cruise

It is far from Mission Impossible to imagine that these two celebs were separated at birth.

Former Bake Off presenter Sandi, 63, says she is often mistaken for 58-year-old American hunk Tom – which she takes as a compliment.

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