What do YOU see first when you look at this optical illusion? It reveals your most annoying personality trait

THIS insane optical illusion is doing the rounds online for revealing how annoying you really are.

We all know optical illusions can be fun party tricks, but this one is pretty telling.

What you sae first probably reveals more about your personality than you might expect.

The man's face

If you spotted the man's face first, you're a social person at heart but need to learn when to reel it in.

When you're in high pressure situations you can't help but say what's on everyone else's mind, which can get you in trouble and seriously annoy everyone else.

You probably need to learn when to speak and when to keep your opinions to yourself.

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At heart you're a fiery personality but can often lose yourself in the moment, making people think you're obnoxious and loud.

The reading man

If you spied the man relaxing and reading first, your most annoying personality feature is your tendency to daydream.

You might often drift off during important conversations and live in your own interior world.

Be careful existing in your own little world, people might think you aren't paying attention to them, or your work.

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You can come across as rude, or even a bit dumb because you never seem to engage in the real world.

The trees

If the trees were the first thing you noticed you're probably a bit of a joker.

You find it hard to take things seriously and make light out of every situation.

Your inner child runs free in your life, but this might stop you from doing things you want to do in your career and love life and get really boring for those around you.

As a master in self-sabotage, you know exactly what you're doing and how to stop it, if you want to.

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