We’re electricians – the simple £2 tumble dryer hack that will help you cut energy bill costs & speed up laundry | The Sun

WITH the cost-of-living crisis causing energy bills to surge, people are desperately looking for ways to try and cut back on costs.

And while many are swapping ovens for Air Fryers in a bid to reduce costs while cooking, others are struggling to find alternative methods of drying their wet laundry without using a tumble dryer.

The popular appliance may be the fastest way to dry your clothes, but they use high energy and can cause prices to soar.

But according to one electricity expert, there's a very simple £2 hack that could be the answer to your money-saving prayers – dryer balls.

They can reduce drying times by up to 20% and work by lifting and separating the laundry, allowing the warm air to circulate more efficiently, Plymouth Live reports.

This not only helps if you're in a rush, but is also the perfect hack to save you some cash.

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Colm, from energy saving products shop purchase.ie, took to TikTok and shared an informative video where he explained: "Tumble dryers typically use about a euro (87p) an hour when they're on.

"But these are dryer balls, and you put them in with your laundry.

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"Instead of the clothes getting stuck together, this helps to separate the clothes and distribute them around the tumble dryer better.

"This means the clothes are able to dry faster. They can reduce drying time by up to 20 percent.

"So for every hour you use your tumble dryer, you could be saving up to 20c an hour."

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But that's not the only perk of using dryer balls – they're also eco-friendly due to lower energy use and can be reused, meaning you'll save money on fabric softeners too.

What's more is they also reduce lint built up and can help to reduce the creases in clothing, saving you from having to iron.

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