We test out products that will help make your winter run a little easier and face masks that will help your skin recover

Here are three new products that have really helped me over the past few weeks. Plus, we tested overnight masks that are perfect for rain-battered faces.


Tiger Tail Knotty Tiger is a powerful little knot-buster designed to fit in the palm of the hand.

It is great for working out knots in the neck, shoulders, arms and other areas.

I loved this after running but it is pretty good for aches if you sit hunched at your desk. Cheaper than a massage.

£19.99, wiggle.co.uk.

If you want a pair of leggings for winter running, then Grey Diamond Luxe are brilliant.

They have a thick waistband and a pocket for your phone. The material is stretchy but really supportive.

It is thick enough to keep you warm, while mesh around the back of the knee aids breathability.

If you want one pair for winter running, these are worth forking out for. I love them.

£80, bellumactive.co.uk.

Run in a decent pair of trainers or there is a greater risk of injury.

First, get your running style analysed at a running shop.

These Saucony Linear Shade Ride ISO trainers are decent for the price and are brilliant for most runners.

With impact-absorbing cushioning, they adapt to the shape of your foot and are so light your feet do not feel at all heavy. £120, saucony.com.


  • Sanctuary beauty sleep recovery mask, 75ml, £13.99 — buy now 

A regenerating overnight balm to restore and revitalise dull skin.

Contains tetrapeptide, orange flower oil and lavender.

It has a calming fragrance which is perfect for bedtime and is absorbed immediately.

But I can’t say I noticed much improvement in my skin the next day.

  • SkinSense, overnight leave-on mask, 100ml, £34 — buy now 

Promises to transform lacklustre skin for a clear and bright complexion.

It has a gel-like texture and a pleasant, perfumed scent.

I was left with a much more radiant complexion the morning after.

It can be used once or twice a week, although for me once every one to two weeks was enough.

  • Summer Fridays jet lag mask, 64ml, £42 — buy now 

This vegan and cruelty-free formula is packed with vitamins, antioxidants and gentle exfoliating extracts.

Chestnut extract polishes away dullness while vitamin C hydrates and brightens the skin.

Green tea is added to reduce puffiness and inflammation.

After regular use at home, my skin was much brighter. My favourite of the three.

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