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ALTHOUGH some of us have barely waved goodbye to the summer, ultra-organised mums are already looking ahead to Christmas.

Yes that's right, the big day might be months away but for these mums, there's no time like the present to start prepping for the festive season – with shoppers already buying toys, decorations, advent calendars and much more.

Christmas Clobber

Thought it was too early to get your Christmas jumper out of storage? Think again.

One mum revealed she's already bought the whole family a selection of jolly Christmas tops from Next's outlet for her brood.

Sharing a snap of her haul on the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, she said: "If you’re looking and thinking, 'is that Xmas stuff already?' you’re absolutely right! It’s acceptable to wear Xmas stuff from October given the year everyone’s had right?"

What's more, by shopping ahead of time, the mum secured a bargain, bagging £84 worth of clothes for £20.

Amazing Advent Calendars

Though the first of December is still three months away, many shoppers are already looking forward to opening their advent calendars.

One mum wrote of the £5 Frozen calendars she found on Amazon: "My daughter and niece going to love them. They arrived yesterday and quite surprised at how big they are."

Another mum nabbed a Toot-Toot Friends advent calendar for £8.99 in Home Bargains.

Deck the Halls

Christmas decorations are already hitting the shelves, and shoppers have wasted no time in buying new additions to the tree.

Sharing a snap of her haul, one woman wrote: "Can u imagine how excited I was to se the Christmas decs out in home bargs! Letter was 49p and the baby’s 1st were 99p!"

Meanwhile, others can't wait to fill their homes with festive cheer, loading up Christmas candles already.

Winner Winner Xmas Dinner

With so much to organise, mums are buying planners to get ahead, making note of all the booze, snacks, chocolates and meals.

One mum shared snap of her Christmas planner, writing: "It has section by section so you can plan everything from gifts for everyone, plans by month, food and drinks and additional notes pages. It even comes with a separate notes pad to add extra details down."

While another revealed she's already on the hunt for little trinkets to dish out at the table, buying dainty little earrings from Amazon for her guests.

She said: "Great deal I thought, even if use little favours around the Christmas table."

Presents Galore

People are already getting ready to give their loved ones gifts, with some mums confessing that they're already finished with Xmas shopping.

Some were shopping for gifts as early as August.

Sharing pictures of a huge haul, one mum wrote on Facebook: "Christmas shopping for my little one done," revealing she had bought bargain buys from the Range, the Works and eBay.

Another said she had already bought Christmas eve boxes for her family.

In other news, Home Bargains has started selling Christmas decorations early and shoppers are going mad for them.

Meanwhile, Disney fans are going wild for this advent calendar for Christmas – and it’s available from Boots.

And people are going wild for a £1.50 Christmas planner which promises to take the stress out of the festive season.

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