Tinder's seven most successful singles revealed… and they share their secrets so YOU can turn as many heads as they do

IT'S tough times out there is you're looking for love, but with opportunities to meet people cut short over the last couple of years, plenty more people are turning to apps.

That means it's never been more important to get your profile right and put your best foot forward when you're swiping for dates.

If you're worried you're not maximising your chances with a great profile – don't panic.

Tinder have revealed the seven most swiped-right profiles on their Swipe Island – which features a number of former Love Islanders – and asked them for their top tips to turn heads.

Pens and paper at the ready… this is how Tinder's most wanted think you can give your profile a push.

Blake, 24, Cardiff – Radiographer

What turns your head?

“A good sense of humour is a big plus; someone who is able to not take life too seriously.

"I would like to find somebody who can make me laugh after a stressful day at work.

"However, I think there is a big difference between someone who has a good sense of humour and a person who's not serious in life."

What’s your advice for getting noticed on Tinder?

“Don’t just have the same selfies on repeat, even if you’re in a different outfit each time.

"I think having a variety of pictures in different situations, whether that's with friends or playing sports, helps to create a more rounded profile."

Molly, 24, Milton Keynes – Primary School Teacher

What turns your head?

"My ideal guy would be someone that can match my energy. I love to get out and about, trying different foods, visiting new places and ticking off things on my bucket list.

"I am chatty and enjoy a giggle, so if you can make me laugh you’ve already caught my interest."

What’s your advice for getting noticed on Tinder?

“Be true to who you are, show off your personality and display your best assets!

"Choose pictures that you feel great in and genuinely feel happy at the time, because others will pick up on this from your photos. Happiness is attractive!"

Ashley, 28, Surrey – Corporate Manager

What turns your head?

“As someone that likes the finer things in life, I’m looking for a guy that enjoys a similar lifestyle and that can match my energy.

"Of course, there has to be the initial attraction, but if a guy is outgoing and has good morals, then he’ll definitely turn my head."

What’s your advice for getting noticed on Tinder?

“I’d say if you’re interested in someone then definitely skip the waiting game and just message them first.

"Also, I’d recommend not putting a list of criteria in your bio of what you don’t want in a match. It can be really off putting and create a pessimistic tone.”

Oisin, 19, Belfast, Uni Student / Lifeguard

What turns your head?

“I’m looking for a girl who is sporty and shares my passion for working out.

"I play Gaelic Football for my club and county and want someone who’s going to cheer me on from the sidelines, or even kick the ball with me."

What’s your advice for getting noticed on Tinder?

“My top tip would be to open the conversation with a GIF or your best joke, to kick things off on the right foot."

Emma, 22, Guildford, Podcaster

What turns your head?

“In my spare time I love writing and host a podcast called Hunbelievable with my sister, so someone who also has creative flair would turn my head!

"I’m looking for a nice guy – someone who is funny and doesn’t take themselves too seriously and ideally they’d be quite tall because I’m 5’9 and like wearing heels on a night out.”

What’s your advice for getting noticed on Tinder?

“Recent pictures are a must – I don’t want to be surprised by someone having facial hair in their photos and then meeting in person to find you freshly shaven!

"My top advice would be to chat with someone like you know them, no small talk, come at me with humour, emojis and great one liners.”

Robert, 25, Cardiff, Primary School Teacher

What turns your head?

"I like to see someone who is passionate about their work, as having a good and strong work ethic always gets a big tick from me.

"And last but not least, a good kisser and someone who’s able to whip up a storm in the kitchen certainly wouldn’t go amiss.”

What’s your advice for getting noticed on Tinder?

“When it comes to the conversations you may have with them, just be yourself and answer honestly – whatever your instinct tells you to say.

"Just don’t hold back. My attitude is very much ‘What have I got to lose?’ when it comes to dating so I always aim to present my true self whenever I can."

Katie, 23, Colchester, Foreign Exchange

What turns your head?

“I’m super sporty, I used to swim competitively, horse ride and be part of the cheerleading team at uni so I am looking for someone to keep up with me!

"I’d love to find someone energetic and adventurous, I’m an active person and love to learn new things.”

What’s your advice for getting noticed on Tinder?

“I think a good first photo works wonders and ideally not a group shot so I know who I’m looking out for.

"One guy did put arrows in his group photo saying ‘this is me’ that made me laugh! Listing your hobbies is a great conversation starter too."

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