If you thought the Mankini was a fashion crime, get ready for The Swimmerall

The dungaree-style swimmers for men – complete with a detachable vest top – have already taken the US by storm and now they're coming to a beach near you.

Featuring plenty of pockets and a snap-off top half for those wanting to rock a two-piece poolside, the fashion item is nothing if not versatile.

The look is finished with bold Nineties colours and styling, meaning the unusual swimwear might not be to everyone's taste.
In the US, where the fun summer garment was born, male students are taking over Instagram with pictures of themselves proudly wearing the garish get-up.

The brains behind Swimmeralls is US company Chubbies, which started out seven years ago making ironic retro swimming shorts that reminded the founders of their dads.

Prices start at £47 for plainer styles, going up to £62 for a neon pink and blue pair and they're bound to create fashion waves rivalling those made by Borat when his infamous neon green mankini was brought to the masses in the 2006 hit film.

Starting in size small, there is nothing to stop trendy ladies from making their own summer statements in the colourful pant suits.

  • Swimmeralls pool dungarees, around £47 from Chubbies – buy now


But while some may scoff at the fashion faux pas, the founders are having the last laugh after raking in millions from their idea.

Less than seven years ago student pals Kyle Hency, Rainer Castillo, Preston Rutherford, and Tom Montgomery set up their company while studying at prestigious California university Stanford.

The boys just wanted something nifty to party in and raided their parents' wardrobes as well as charity shops for OTT styles. They now stock winter ski wear, women's wear and Hawaiian shirts.

The story is similar to success story Morphsuits, spandex all-in-ones, founded by a pair of Scottish uni friends.

Now this is much more our kind of swimwear as Rosie Huntington Whiteley shows us how it's done.

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