This optical illusion looks like it changes colour – were you fooled?

THERE are loads of different types of optical illusions.

From pictures of cats that can reveal your hidden desires, to confusing mind tricks.

This optical illusion is certain to baffle viewers.

Created by Lenstore, the illusion looks like it's changing colour, but your eyes might be deceiving you.

As the blue circle moves from left to right, it seems as if it's changing colour but it doesn't change at all.

It's the different coloured background that makes this clever illusion work so well.

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Although the it might be one of the more simple ones out there, it doesn't mean it's any less baffling.

Lenstore explained that the illusion works because of the cells we have in our retina at the back of our eye.

They said: "The cones are the judge of colour, and the rods judge the brightness of the image we are seeing.

"These two cells send information to our brain through the optic nerve and the brain from that signal tries to interpret what we see. 

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"When judging colour, the brain perceives it differently when it is compared to what is surrounding that object, suggesting why we think the blue circle changes colour in this illusion."

So while it may look like the circle is changing colour, it actually stays the same.

So, were you fooled by this illusion?

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