This Leave-In Conditioner Gives Me the Softest Curls of My Life — and It Comes in a Jumbo Container

In 2022, the number of natural haircare options we have is a blessing — but the actual size of the products is a curse.

Considering I have an abundance of hair, I typically run through conditioner — regular or leave-in — pretty quickly, which is both annoying and costly. So thank the lord Tracee Ellis Ross had the good sense to make a jumbo size of her beloved Pattern Leave-In Conditioner, because my hair can't get enough of it.

Formulated with jojoba oil, honey, and biotin, I was almost certain I'd fall in love with this product before I started using it a couple months ago — and I did.

To use, I start off with wet hair, and apply my go-to oil. Next, I warm up one pump of the leave-in between my palms then gently glide it down my hair, from root to ends, section by section. Afterwards, I style my hair into twists and let it air dry.

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Pattern Leave-In Conditioner

Every single time I've unraveled my twists after using the leave-in conditioner, I've been met with soft, bouncy, and obnoxiously quenched curls that I can't stop touching.

Aside from the obvious pros, I also love the fact that the formula isn't too heavy or goopy, doesn't leave behind any weird residue, and my curls absorb every last bit of it. Oh, and of course, the size of the packaging.

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I've been using this leave-in consistently for about two months and I still haven't hit the bottom of the container — but I'm certainly not complaining.

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