These are the shocking clothing fails that made these women look NAKED from the waist down

Snapped pushing a trolley around the supermarket, the trousers are so convincing, the woman looks as though she's forgotten her pants.

It seems the offending trousers are rather popular, after we found several other fans sporting the naked style.

Although the clothing is totally innocent, at first glance, the images look rather explicit thanks to the flesh-coloured tights.

From public transport to even more supermarket snaps, these ladies look naked from the waist down.

Would you wear these daring leggings?

It seems users on social media have some pretty strong views about the nude leggings.

One wrote on Twitter: "Flesh colored leggings shouldn't be a thing.

"A woman walked by my house wearing a pair with a shawl draped over her upper half.

"For a few seconds I thought she was naked with a blanket and wandering.

"I almost went out to see if she needed help. Nope. Just flesh colored leggings. [sic]"

Another user revealed: "Flesh colored leggings make me uncomfortable [sic]" while one wrote: "Adding flesh coloured leggings to my list of things that are never ok in the gym."

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