These are the 12 sexy ways to flirt with your EYES while wearing a face mask, according to a dating expert

A DATING coach has revealed the 12 ways you can flirt while wearing a face mask – and confirms it is all in the eyes.

There are a multitude of expressions which can be made with the eyes – including the baby doll look, side glance and wink.    

Flirt expert Jean Smith reveals playing with your hair and using hand gestures are great ways of showing someone you are keen while socially distancing.

But making a flirty side glance can work wonders, as can looking away and then back again.

Holding eye contact for more than three seconds, looking at someone three times to ascertain interest and raising the eyebrows are other tips shared.

And Smith claims you should continue smiling at a love interest, because a big grin can result in a ‘Mona Lisa smile’ in the eyes.

The tips are revealed as researchers found one quarter of Brits admit mask wearing has destroyed the fun they have flirting with others.

In the Vision Direct study of 2,000 adults, it was discovered more than half find it more difficult to flirt when half of their face is covered up.

Jean Smith, said: "Now that we find ourselves needing to wear masks, it might seem like flirting in person is a useless exercise.

"But because our faces are hidden except for the eyes, they can be a very powerful tool if you know how to use them.

"It might seem frustrating that we can only see a small part of someone’s face these days, but do not be disheartened.

“The eyes are the most powerful source of attraction, which is why they have been the subject of numerous quotes and poems over the ages. My favourite is, ‘we try to hide our feelings but we forgot that our eyes speak’.”

The study found flirting with a mask has become harder for some as they can’t see whether someone is smiling back at them (61 per cent), and it is harder to read others (55 per cent).

One fifth of adults simply feel sweaty when wearing a mask, while 35 per cent feel less attractive when their face is hidden.

More than a third (34 per cent) also worry the eyes don’t always give away what they are feeling.

And three in 10 adults wearing glasses have double the problem, as their lenses steam up when they wear a mask – which means they lose the entire expression on their face.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, four in 10 adults polled via OnePoll are convinced their ‘flirting success rate’ has gone down since they’ve had to don a mask.

And 44 per cent are now consciously over exaggerating what they are doing with their eyes to get the message across.

To get further guidance on how to flirt in a mask, Vision Direct has partnered with Jean Smith to create a video of tips.

Alexandra Smyrliadi, content manager at Vision Direct, said: “Flirting can be tricky for most of us, with or without masks!

"But eyes are the window to the soul after all, so we just need to make them work harder for us.

"It’s all about smizing – smiling with your eyes, a term coined by Tyra Banks to describe that sultry, intense gaze models pull in ads.

"It’s just a micro expression, but it can have a huge impact on getting you noticed.

"So, get in front of that mirror and practice on your smizing, winking, eyebrow raising and eyelash fluttering and you’ll be stealing hearts in no-time.

"What better reason to look after our eyes, keep them happy, hydrated and digital strain-free than to be able to score a date with our crush?”


1. The Mona Lisa smile
People have debated for years if Mona Lisa was smiling in her photo and she wasn’t even wearing a mask. But looking at the eyes or, more specifically, the little laugh lines around the eyes show when people are truly smiling.

2. Side glance
There’s a reason those Instagrammers love the side glance in their selfie poses. It’s a bit quirky, it’s a bit flirty, it gives the impression that you have a secret and you just might share it with the right person.

3. Big pupils
When we see someone to whom we are attracted our pupils naturally become bigger. Therefore, this is a great clue to help you decipher when someone is interested.

4. Baby doll eyes
As humans, we have evolved to be drawn to large eyes. We find babies' faces so captivating because their eyes are disproportionately large to the rest of their face. You can consciously try and open your eyes wider to make yourself more attractive.

5. Intense eyes
There’s a look and then there is a look. Do not underestimate what the eyes can convey when it comes to intention. It’s the thought behind the eyes that is important.

6. Clear eye contact
This might sound simple, but many people find it hard. This is giving someone clear eye contact, to the point where they unmistakably know you are looking at them.

7. The up and down
This consists of gazing at the other person from head to toe as you move up and down with the eyes. This one is to be used only when mutual attraction has already been established. It can then be used as a compliment, ‘Oh, I see you and I like what I see!’

8. Eyebrow raise
The eyebrow raise makes a bolder statement than just eye contact alone. It acts as a question to the other person, ‘What do you think?’ or ‘How about it?’

9. Count to three
In order to convey interest, you must hold eye contact for three seconds. Any longer and you might roam into a creepy category; any less and the other person won’t notice.

10. Look away and look back
The full on stare down is not the way to go. However, the look and then look back is very powerful. It shows that they were not mistaken and, yes, you really were checking them out.

11. The wink
While some of the other methods are more subtle the beauty of the wink is that there is no mistaking that you want to convey a message to someone. The wink is fun, flirty and conspiratorial.

12. Three is the magic number
To show interest look at someone three times. If they want to reciprocate, you will know by the third time. If they don’t return your look by the third glance, they are not interested. It’s time to move on.

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