There's no need to splash out on a pro painter – my DIY hack gets perfect edges in seconds, it's exactly what they do | The Sun

GETTING a professional to decorate your house can cost a lot of money. 

And with the current cost of living crisis, this may now have become a luxury to some people.

But that doesn’t mean your home can’t look like a professional has done it. 

Halil, a professional painter, has revealed a simple trick which can save you time and money.

As some people may be put off by when it comes to perfecting the skirting, Halil reckons it doesn’t have to be as complicated as you think. 

Most people will take time getting masking tape and aligning it across the edges to make sure the paint doesn’t smudge across to the wall – leaving them with a nice sharp line. 


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But this can be fiddly for some. 

He says to use a flat metal tool – which is sometimes used to help remove wallpaper – and place it flat against the wall, facing down onto the edge of the skirting. 

The DIY professional then gets his paintbrush and brushes white paint across the skirting, whilst also moving the metal tool along with it. 

This ensures the wall is covered, and the skirting is painted with no mess. 

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After he is finished with the painting, he removes the metal tool and it is clear that the painting has not smudged.

The video has been liked over 564k times, with over 57k sharing the video – and thousands rushing to the comments section to share their thoughts. 

One wrote: “I just finished a room and used a thin cake board to protect the wall and the carpet. Worked a treat.” 

Another also suggested: “Laminate a piece of A4 paper, also works well.” 

A third said: “Gamechanger.” 

A fourth suggested: “Also, from experience: don’t overload the brush with paint and clean the tool after each stroke. Otherwise excellent idea.” 

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