The Story Behind The $4000 "Jesus Shoes" Filled With Holy Water

MSCHF’s “Jesus Shoes” are really just a regular pair of Nike Air Max 97s but with a couple of very unique twists.

For most people, sneakers are just a comfortable shoe we wear on a pretty much daily basis. Yes, we like them to look good, but we also don’t want to bankrupt ourselves when we buy a pair. Other people don’t mind that so much, and some even collect sneakers. If Puma or Adidas release a limited edition pair for hundreds of dollars, thousands of people will queue for the chance to own a pair.

The thing is, how many changes can you really make to a sneaker to make it unique? Designers continue to go to extreme lengths in order to make their sneakers stand out. You can get ones made from shark skin, and even ones with turf on them for golfers.

MSCHF’s tweaked Nike Air 97s might be the most unique design we have seen to date, though. And not only because there is currently only one pair in existence. The company’s sneakers have been dubbed “Jesus Shoes” and for good reason. They added a gold Jesus on the cross pendant to the laces and pumped the air pocket in the sole with actual holy water, reports CBS.

MSCHF’s head of commerce Daniel Greenberg claims it to be real holy water too. It was sourced from the River Jordan and then blessed by a priest back in Brooklyn. The one pair of Jesus Shoes went on sale for $1425 and took less than a minute to sell. However, their owner clearly had no intention of wearing or even keeping them as they have since been re-listed on StockX for $4000.

MSCHF’s aim is to create products like these that fall in some grey area of counter-culture. Previous ideas include “Times Newer Roman” which is just the popular font made 5-10% bigger, and also an internet plug-in that makes Wikipedia pages look like real sources. As far as we can tell, the Jesus Shoes are the first idea that isn’t aimed at students trying to pull the wool over the eyes of their professors.

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