The Queen once joked about staying in a Premier Inn during a meet-and-greet at the Royal Variety Show

THE QUEEN once joked about staying at budget hotel chain, Premier Inn, comedian Lee Mack has revealed.

The Not Going Out star met the monarch at the Royal Variety performance back in 2012 and he shared their hilarious introduction during an appearance on the Graham Norton Show.

Speaking of their meeting Lee, 51, said: “She was great actually.

“It was Gary Barlow and Kylie Minogue’s job to show around everybody, and I think Kylie didn’t know who I was and panicked and just backed off because she didn’t want to introduce me.

“So the Queen was just left stranded on her own. I saw the Queen looking around thinking ‘usually I’m dragged away at this point but no one is coming to get me.’”

Noticing that she was stood alone, Lee approached the monarch himself.

He continued: “So I said ‘you staying at the Premier Inn with Lenny?’ and she said ‘no I probably won’t do that.’”

The meeting was a real highlight for the comedian who admitted that he had always wanted to meet Her Majesty.

He explained: “When I was young I was watching the Royal Variety Show and the comedian that was on had met the Queen.

“So I assumed that meant you had to be really funny to meet the Queen, so in the back of my head I wanted to say I had met the Queen and finally made it as a comedian.”

As well as his run in with the monarch, Lee also met Prince William at a reception of Buckingham Palace.

“I met William, he was really lovely” he said.

“His opening line to me was ‘you need to get some new jokes.’

“I said ‘listen I don’t tell you how to be the future king’ and he said ‘I’m only joking, I’m a big fan of not going out.’

“I thought that’s so exciting and I was just about to talk to him but then Cheryl Cole started talking to him and he was far more interested in her and I had to wander off.”

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