The Powerful Reason Meghan Markle Left a Blank Slot on British Vogue's September Issue

In addition to the beautiful portraits of 15 women on the cover of British Vogue‘s upcoming September issue, you’ll notice a blank spot. That wasn’t a mistake, but rather a deliberate decision made by Meghan Markle, who guest edited the issue with Editor in Chief Edward Enninful. “The 16th slot will appear as a mirror on the printed cover, and was included at the special request of the duchess to show that you — that all of us, in fact — are part of this moment too,” Edward said on Instagram when he revealed the cover.

That’s a powerful statement considering the magazine cover features “15 world-leading women who are reshaping public life for global good.” Meghan is the first-ever guest editor of the publication’s September issue, and it was not a project she took lightly. “It’s been a real labor of love and I feel very humbled today to be able to finally unveil it to the world,” Edward said of their collaboration.

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